Any news about either a new DLC or another cRPG from Owlcat Games?

I´d be happy to buy both. So i want to know if there´s something in the making. Even if is too early for a release date.

You can check my thread out for more information, but officially owlcat has announced a new game, and we will learn the details of what that new game is before the end of the year.

Unofficially, the new game is a Pathfinder game using first edition rules adapted similarly to kingmaker.

I don’t know of any plans for further DLC.

Thanks for the info! Looked your thread as well.

Well it’s almost December so time for making an announcement is starting to run out.

Yep, they’re just words until an announcement is made, but Owlcat said they’ll do it in 2019 so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt unless/until they go back on that.

Well I guess even if they post 1 minute before new year “We are making a new game” it will do it so there is plenty of time left :slight_smile:

there’s pathfinder bundle at Humble and most likely they will announce it when it ends or soon enough after it ends.

If you guys have instagram, check out some hints on the next project. Like and share as well since we will be getting more hints then!!!

The teaser’s also on Facebook - they’re having the community interact with their social media and are going to start revealing part of a teaser for the next game. Looks like we’ll definitely get an official announcement before the end of the year!

The sequel is wrath of the righteous, it will use mythic rules, it will add the witch and oracle class and new archetypes and a new race.

No new DLC for Kingmaker.