Any new updates on the console version?

Hi there! I’m an avid Pathfinder tabletop player and a regular PS4 gamer. I’ve heard that Kingmaker is due to be announced on consoles some time soon. I’m just seeing if there’s anything going on with that or if the release date/announcement date is to be changed? I understand with everything that’s currently going on in the world that delays are likely, but I thought I’d see if there’s any notice of what’s going on, especially as I found a few resources with varying dates on the web. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Console version will almost certainly be announced this month.

Awesome! Thanks for that! :smile:

They actually just announced it and the release date today - it’s scheduled to release on August 18. On top of all of the DLC, it will also include the turn-based mode that mods created and that Owlcat is adapting for Wrath of the Righteous.

I saw that too! I’m really looking forward to it, especially as we now have a date of mid August. I had to have a bit of a chuckle at the timing of it all!

I wonder if the turn based mode will also be added to the PC version with an update. We still have the mod itself, but it’d be nice if it was added as a base feature.

Given that there will be console versions of P:K, does this mean that the Switch version still has life, or is it dead?

Initially I saw it was part of the ‘future plans’, but so far, from what I’ve seen in both the release information and recent prior information (such as the interview with Owlcat), it seems they have omitted Switch.

I’d like to say that they are maybe going to bring it out, but only the guys at the top can answer that for sure… :cry: