Any idea about other three druid archetypes? and other classes

I’m asking because we got two druid archetypes not entirely fitting to this game

And should druids got mount an. companion?

Each new Pathfinder Adventure Owlcat brings to live will see more Archetypes that dont fit into the game. Id rather have them and roleplay the reason why instead of having them removed for, at best, minor reasons.

The Druid Class is probably one of the most difficult to fit into this Adventure. The MC goes against demons, meaning against Evil / Chaos while representing Good / Law, at least in the beginning.

None of the Mythic Paths fit a Druid:

  • Angel, Azata, Dragon > Good
  • Aeon > Law
  • Azata, Demon, Trickster > Chaos
  • Demon, Lich, Swarm > Evil

Druids would also, generally, not be joining a crusade of any kind. However there are some Archetypes that have flavor text which allows them to fit into this Adventure. Playing a different Druid you can still roleplay an affinity towards these Archetypes.


Draconic Druid
Some druids believe that dragons are the ultimate expression of nature, combining elemental fury with majestic beauty. These druids consort with dragons and eventually transform into draconic forms.
*Draconic Druid = consorts with Dragons and leans towards the Gold Dragon Path; notice Terendelev IS a (silver) dragon

Halcyon Druid
Halcyon druids are peacekeepers, mediating between people and nature, people and the spirit world, and different groups of people. Yet when necessary, they use their magic to fight enemies of peace, especially demons and demon cultists.
*Halcyon Druid = went to the Worldwound to fight enemies of peace (demons)

Nature Fang
A nature fang is a druid who stalks and slays those who despoil nature, kill scarce animals, or introduce diseases to unprotected habitats. She gives up a close empathic connection with the natural world to become its deadly champion and avenger.
*Nature Fang = went to the Worldwound to fight those that despoiled nature there (demons)

Sunriders help their allies, be they fellow tribe members or fellow adventurers, to survive in harsh desert terrain, while simultaneously making it even harsher for their foes. They seem to share a single mind with their loyal steeds, and companions who ride with them become an eerily well-coordinated cavalry unit that traverses the treacherous desert sands with ease to wreak havoc upon invaders.
*Sunrider = lives and survives inside the Worldwound area; notice, desert-y areas are part of the Worldwound

Swarm Monger
Swarm mongers are unparalleled survivors, thriving on the filthy fringes of society. Whereas other druids commune with nature or even the spirit of a city, swarm mongers find beauty and strength in decay, and they draw their power from fungus, disease, and their own singular will to survive.
*Swarm Monger = loves decay from the Woldwound and as such, leans toward the Swarm-that-walks Path

Druids protect the natural environs of the world, and sometimes that requires forcibly expelling those who would pollute, despoil, or otherwise harm such areas. Single battles may not be enough to win the war, so some druids specialize in the stealthy application of insidious poisons to their targets. Many druids work to root out their enemies by means of powerful toxins, believing word of their foes’ horrifying deaths will deter others from attempting similar desecrations of the natural world.
*Toxicologist = Evil Nature Fang; went to the Worldwound to fight those that despoiled nature there (demons), using Evil methods VS Evil


One last thing of note, the Trickster (Chaotic Neutral) Path supposedly can summon Plant creatures as help and is, per some Owlcat employees, (currently) the Path with the most interesting storyline.


The MC does not necessarily represent Good or Law, even in the beginning. While it was mostly the case in the AP, Owlcats have repeatedly said all alignments have their place here, and the Alpha showed that is the case.

Moreover, while Druids try to keep a balance between all extremes, because they think it’s the natural way, and thus tend to avoid mingling in the affairs of any faction, they would fight to keep that balance. So, in case one of the factions would become too strong, and thus imperil the Balance, I don’t see why they would not join the forces trying to stop that faction, albeit not destroying it completely in the end, to keep the other factions on their toes.
At least, that’s one way an MC Druid could play WotR and make complete sense in my mind.


There a lots of reasons why a Druid would fight in the crusade. The most obvious is that demons are planar outsiders whose presence is unnatural and because the Worldwound corrupts and destroys nature.

Depending upon alignment, you could see other reasons. A neutral evil Druid might believe strongly in survival of the fittest and wish to test himself against stronger enemies. A neutral good Druid would see the Worldwound as destroying life and preventing growth. A lawful Druid might view the Worldwound as disrupting natural cycles, like weather patterns, seasons or animal
migration, or orderly agriculture. Because no one should ever play chaotic neutral, I won’t address it.

The biggest problem with druids is not the archetypes, it’s shifting. It’s power level is well below where it is in PNP because the current forms are oftentimes weaker forms with fewer natural attacks, trips or grapples and because they are oftentimes a smaller size than what is available in PNP. Because shifting is such a powerful component of a druid’s toolbox, this limits their power level. Together with arcane generally having better spells, there isn’t much reason to play a Druid. Other things to add would be wild, ironwood, stone and dragon scale armor and add some of the more powerful summons to the game. Without some love, druids are a weaker sylvan sorcerer.

I’m hopeful that some of these items will be addressed in WOTR because many of the more powerful shifter forms are dinosaurs, because we’ll see evolving animal companions, and because brown fur arcs sits are Polymorph specialists. But we’ll see.

I forgot to add my predictions: Goliath Druid would be awesome, but I don’t expect it because it would require a lot more models and animations.

Instead, I expect Saurian Summoner and Wild Rider because they will complement the addition of dinosaurs and mounted combat. Pack Lord also is a possibility with evolving animal companions.

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