Any advive for DPS Paladin build?


I’m pretty new to the game and have very limited experince with DnD. My go to character in the first run, in this type of games, is always a paladin. Usually the tankier type, but here I get Valerie and she’s way better in tanking than my paladin, so I want to switch to dps. I looked up paladin build guids but most of them are just tanks and maybe healers which is not good for me, I want to go full dps, maybe off-tank/dps.

So can you give me some advice regarding the dps paladin build? I have no clue which multiclass is the best for this type of build, which feasts should I pick, which equipments, etc…

My party so far: Valerie - full tank, Linzi - buff/debuff support, Amiri - DPS with beast, Tristian - healer/DPS, Harrim - debuff caster (maybe switching to other comapnion if I find more)


Use a Falchion and go for keen/improved critical. Be very strong and power attack. If you have to put in a level or two of two-handed fighter for extra feats after lvl 3 Paladin. Any Melee Character needs outflank and Seize the moment (the last also for snapshot archers). Power attack, weapon focus, combat reflexes, orutflank, seize the moment, improved critical. Nice easy build.

Paladin DPS build Aasimar +2 Str and Cha
Str: 18
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 13 +1 at 4th rest into Str
Cha: 18
Greatsword or Earth breaker
Weapon focus, Power Attack, Cleave, Dazzling Display, Outflank, Shatter Defenses, Improved Critical, Great Cleave, Cleaving Finish.

I played Hospitaler first playthrough and really liked it. The Death immunity is a huge convenience and many of the hardest foes are Evil.

Channel only needing one activation of Lay on Hands meant you could take Harrim and still have plenty of healing.

I think I used Fauchard but any two-hander is fine. Shieldbashing isn’t bad with Smite but very feat heavy.

Definitely go single class to get to your fourth level spells ASAP.there are some great ones.