Animation bug on PC gog

Hello there,

Sadly i write my first post after buying the game on GOG.

Basically what happens to me is that the main character remains static in this position ( one arm up no matter class, race ,etc).

¿Could someone tell me if this is normal? i guess is a bug but i have no clue what is happening.

Dude, sad Keanu just wants a fist-bump. Why won’t you give him a fist-bump? :sweat_smile:

If you hit F11, then you can report it directly through the game (usually helps get it fixed quicker).

I do have one question; is this just during character creation, it is just in the inventory screen, or does he do that during the game?

Hey! thanks for your answer :smiley: Keanu rules.

It happens everytime, i mean in the inventory screen is permanent while using one hand but also in combat. It did not happen during character creating though.

I will try reporting from the game, it seems a graphic glitch i do not know.