Angelic Aspect, Greater

Just checking if it’s WAD for the spell to not provide protection against petrify attacks. Saw nothing in the description for the spell that states any of that. Tabletop version does protect against petrifying abilities.

Only a dev can tell you. It may be that a line of text is missing and it actually does protect, or it was changed and really doesn’t. It is kinda a non-issue, as I haven’t seen a petrifier thus far, and flesh to stone is not in the game.

So far as I’m aware, Petrification just kills you currently.

Its a possibility from one of the rays that Retrievers use if you let them get a turn.

You are right, I forgot about them. I was mostly thinking medusas, basilisks, cockatrices and the spell.

Carnivorous Crystals can also petrify you and the spell Stone to Flesh is in game.

Yes, but stone to flesh only cures you, flesh to stone isn’t in.

In Kingmaker there was no petrification.
You fight medusas but they use finger of death, nothing tries to petrify you there.

I played only act 1+2 in wotr so I do not know if there are enemies who petrify.