An aesthetic problem!

Hello there!
I’ve seen you acknowledged the hate towards helmets and headgear in general. I’m all for it.
Could you please go all the way and allow us to hide the googles as well?
I mean, I love the class equipment, but never changing appearance is a bit on the boring side, and who can tolerate these:
1184370_20211013200303_1 1184370_20211013200308_1
I wonder…


While at it, I believe the best solution would be to choose for each item if it was displayed or not.
But again, I’m one of these guy that’ll spend an unreasonable amount of time playing with cosmetics.
Oh, and you could probably make a dlc out of that stuff: new hairstyle, tattoos, dyes… I’d definitely buy that.


Those goggles are so useful but I just can’t stand Lann looking like he’s about to go surfing It’s is soooo immersion breaking.

Please stop work on the game breaking bugs and fix this. (only half joking)

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I completely agree that hiding more equipment elements in the base game would be handy!

However, the option already exists with the mods!

Visual adjustments lets you hide goggles and more! It lets you completely change armor/outfit models, and assign colors not available with the base game :slight_smile: For example you can have a wizard wearing bard’s top and hunter’s belt on top of inquisitor pants and boots. Or you can change shield model, make your rapier look different, etc.


Keep in-game toggles on default for the best results.