Amiri's quest blood calling bugged?

I can’t finish this quest. Amiri ran away to help her people in Armag questline. I have dealt with Armag and gotten Amiri back. Quest shows that i should go to Six Bears camp but when i go there i get message location not found.

I had that happen as well
[spoiler]then after I took care of the situatio with Tristian and was looking for Armag’s tomb later, there was a new six bears camp a little to the south west of the first one that I could go to and that let me complete the quest.[/spoiler]

Thanks for your answer. I tried looking for it but couldn’t find it. Some others in steam forums say it is because of bug in barbarian camp.

Fully updated on the Xbox. I’ve completed the Hour of Rage quest with Amiri fighting Armag until the sister intervened and finished the battle saving Nilak.
I’ve also finished Armag’s tomb.
Blood calling is stuck at the “Help Amiri Discover Nilak’s” fate step, leaving me unable to find the new Six Bears camp to proceed with Amiri’s questline.
Any fix for this?