AMA Answers 2020

Q: Is the Ui in the 30 min gameplay vid final?
A:The UI in current videos is placeholder UI from the Pathfinder: Kingmaker, that we used to make our versions quicker and be able to present the game. We are going to make an overhaul, art in the UI will be completely different and usability will be enhanced.

Q: I figure Cavalier and mounted combat means there will be new animal companions. Are any of them dinosaurs?
A: Horse and pony will certainly join the list. No dinosaurs at the moment, sorry.

Q: Could you elaborate a bit on how the Lich’s party is supposed to work?** Most of the companions revealed so far are heroic/Good types, but if you swap them out for undead, won’t that lock you out of story content like banters and character sidequests?
A: Lich will be able to raise powerful undeads out of some of the NPCs and bosses through the game. Lich can use them as a party member, but of course this will replace companion, and companion quest and/or banter will be missing. It will still not lock you out of companion content, as you will be able to change party and take the companion to their quest. There are more uses for those undeads than just be a replacement for the companion
FOlloupQ: So your party members won’t really care that you’re raising the dead? I feel like the iconic paladin would have a pretty harsh stance against this.
FollowupA: I did not say that :), there are usually consequences to your choices.
FollowupQ: If I’m reading this right, I think what happens is you raise an undead boss, Seelah leaves the party and goes back to HQ; and if you take that boss out of the party, you can bring Seelah back in to do her quests?
FollowupA: I would be saying, that Seelah will talk to you and express her feeling toward your decision, and she will warn you that if you will continue doing so she will leave your party. And she will if you continue doing particularly evil actions

Q: Simple request for now—the new Inquisitor and Magus archetypes for WotR.
A; We certainly want an Armored Battlemage for Magus and a Sanctified Slayer for an inquisitor. We are not concentrated on making archetypes atm though, so some things on this front may yet change.

Q; Will there be additional polymorph spells, ie Giant form, Fey Form, monstrous physique etc? And will druids get additional wildshape forms and feats (eg mutated form, planar form etc)

Also will there be enemy AI improvements? Especially for enemy spell casters?
A; We are thinking about the Giant Form but sadly cannot implement it with proper weapon change - making all the animations for all the giants will be too time-consuming. We will probably make it, but you will transform into a giant with a characteristic weapon for him.

Mythic Demon will also have spells to transform into different demonic forms, gaining a lot of their abilities in the process.

Q: Will we get updates introducing all companions before the end of the kickstarter?
A: We would really like to show every one of them, but no. We don’t have enough time to tell everything about our game in just Kickstarter timeframe :slight_smile:

Q: Good evening! I would like to ask you these questions: 1-will there be an opportunity to customize the appearance of the lich (I mean, for example, the ability to choose whether it will be a skeleton with a skull or can it optionally be left to him even if his skin is dried up)? I personally would not really like to play a skeleton. 2, it seems to you that it was indicated that a lich will be able to turn his party members into undead, I would like to know if it will be a lower undead incapable of an independent thought process, or it will be an undead of a higher order, other lychees or vampires capable of conscious activities? The 3rd is incredibly glad that the last social goal was achieved and that we will be able to start an affair with Queen Golfry, but on this basis, I would like to know if we can influence her worldview? (it’s always nice to seduce a “law-abiding good” character to the dark side :slight_smile: as a person, can a player turn her into undead? I will be glad to see your answers, at least for me these questions are very important.
A: I will answer only the questions, that will not spoil the game:

  1. There will be some customization options for lich and there will be several portraits to choose from
  2. Undeads created by the lich are under full control of the lich

Q: Очень важный вопрос! Если кицуне выиграют голосование, то при переходе в человеческую форму им можно будет сохранить звериные ушки и хвостик?
A: Я за, но нам еще придется обсуждать это со всеми ответственными. И они для этого еще должны победить.

Q: Are there any plans for the implementation of the Summoner class? Either as a stretch goal or as DLC?
A: Sadly no summoner is planned atm. Summoner is probably the most time-consuming class to implement.
There are no plans for specific DLCs atm too, as we are concentrated on making the game first.

Q: With turn-based combat being added from the get-go, are some of the more turn-based abilities like Flying Kick for the Monk, which wasn’t in Kingmaker, going to be added in the game?
A: The abilities we will add will be useable in both modes. The specific list of abilities we want to add is not final yet, but Flying Kick wasn’t on it, as far as I remember. We may reconsider if there will be a strong wish from the community for it, but it will still work in both modes.

Q: Will there be possible multiplayer support for this game?
A: We don’t have plans for multiplayer support.

Q: When you’re scripting dialogue options, have there been any close calls for whether to make an option alignment-based or whether you should pick one or another alignment?
A: All the time. We need to walk a thin line between ignoring alignments completely (and losing a significant feature not only of the game mechanics, but also the system’s flavor and the way Golarion works), and forcing the possible answers into the pre-determined grid. And, of course, we frequently have arguments over which alignment this particular answer should be. “How is this chaotic?!” Ah, alignment arguments, old as alignments themselves
Followup Q: I have a follow-up question to that one.

In Kingmaker there were a lot of issues with the alignment system due to all aligned dialogues having weight on both law-chaos and good-evil, and the dialogue opportunities were not evenly spread across the entire chart. So you’d have situations where generically nice dialogues could easily drag chaotic good and lawful good characters into neutral good over time, leading to crazy situations like paladins falling because they were too nice to their friends.

Basically, the game was incapable of distinguishing between truly “neutral good” and just “generic good that fits anywhere on the law-chaos scale”. Will anything be done to correct this in wrath, such as providing dialogues that only carry weight on one axis of alignment, or at the very least making sure that there are plenty of opportunities for all alignments to be expressed?
Followup A: Yes, we decided to “split” the axes of the alignment options and provide different options on lawful-chaos and good-evil axes. That is done in part to provide better coverage of all alignments and in part because there is a bit less focus on the alignment system and more on the Mythics, that have rather close connection to the alignment

Q: Romances: How are romances implemented? will it be like the last game, where i was told in order to mod in multiple romances, one had to go over every blueprint and edit what amounted to events in each of the locations a pick me or them convo started? Could it be made easier to mod that for wotr (multiple romances that is), or will it require coding knowledge as with kingmaker?
A: Like before, the romance-related content is spread thin all across your interaction with the companion in question. We’re trying to weave it naturally into the character’s overall arc. Not sure how hard it’s going to be modding-wise.

Q: Will you add any metamagic feats that were not included in Kingmaker? For example it felt like intensified spell was a glaring omission, given how it has a simple numerical effect, but can be very impactful.
A: Yes, we want to add several metamagic feats. The intensified spell wasn’t included as I thought that learning different spells instead of just making an Intensified Shocking Grasp would be better (and I still think it was), but now we may include it if only to make the gameplay a bit different from PF: KM.

Q: Hello could you elaborate more on how the mythic paths progression will be?
A: There are 2 different progressions - for companions and for the protagonist. For companions it will be a little more generic with mythic feats for the characters. Protagonist will have a lot more choices to pick from based on the thematic of the Path. Those include special abilities, spells and feats exclusive for this particular path. There are also some special mechanics for each path as well. Those mechanics sometimes have effect on the story (like Lich raising undead, or Aeon fixing imbalances)

Q: Post kickstarter will we be able to pay via paypal for the game and things like beta and alpha access?
A: PayPal will be available on the backer portal after the KS campaign ends.

Q: Will Mod support allow the community to import new 3D models for new Races, creatres , armors etc…?
A: Hello! We have a great desire to support the mod makers community and we will do our best at it. We have not yet decided how exactly mod support will work. One of the possibilities is Steam Workshop, but the final decision will be taken later.

Q: Hello, thanks for pathfinder kingmaker, great game and great addition to the genre.
Will player mods allow the creation of mods like Bag of Tricks ? This mod has greatly improved my enjoyment of the game and I actually couldn’t imagine playing without it.
A: Hello! We have a great desire to support the mod makers community and we will do our best at it. We have not yet decided how exactly mod support will work. One of the possibilities is Steam Workshop, but the final decision will be taken later.

Q: And one more, related question (if I may!): are there enough companions in the game for a full Evil(-ish) party if you don’t take the Lich path? Kingmaker was good about having companions like Amiri and Harrim who fit in Evil teams really well…
A: Yes, we’re balancing the companions roster so that no matter what your alignment is, and which path you take, there’s going to be enough people for whom it would make sense to stick with you.

Q: ill there be an announcement about DLC by the end of the kickstarter campaign? Or should we expect none?
A: We are currently focused on the main game and don’t have plans for DLCs. But we are aware that part of our community is waiting for them, so we might think about working on them later. But this won’t happen soon.

Q: Will you be able to queue actions in WotR?
A: Right now there is no plan for that. We have a feeling that this will lead to quite cumbersome UI and will give more “scripted” feeling to the fights. But we are going to have couple or more passes to improve our UI in general and combat UI in particular, and usually we review our own assumptions about the UI at that time, so that can change.

Q: Will we get any updates on the other Mythic Paths? We got one on the Lich really early on and then we didn’t get any more.
A: We are planning to write a couple other updates about mythics, but we want them to be as interesting and as detailed as possible. So they take some time :wink:

Q: 1. How does Mythic spellcasting work?
Basically I want to know: A. Is Lich the only path with 10th level spells? B. How does the path interact if you have levels in more than one casting class? C. What’s up with Mythic spellbooks and does every class have them?
A: No, a mythic angel will also have 10th level spells.
If you have multiple full-spellcasting classes (being, for example, a mystic theurge), you will need to select which one of them you want to myth-up.
Every class will get access to the spellbook of their mythic path. Full spellcasters (with 9th level spells) will be able to instead augment their spellbook with angel/lich spells and additional spell slots, caster levels, and such.
FollowupQ: How are the other Mythic Paths going to compete with 10th level spells?
FollowupA: They will have their own powerful abilities - basically, in the same way as normal classes compete with 9th level spells. Also, their max level spells will not be exactly weak. Just as Bard has an Overwhelming Presence as a 6th level spell (despite it being a level 9 spell for other classes) - an azata, for example, will have very powerful 7th level spells.

Q: Will you be incorporating other Pathfinder PnP materials set in the Worldwound such as Weapon in the Rift, Thralls of the Shattered God etc.? There’s an entire season of Worldwound-related material for the Pathfinder Society called Year of the Demon and seeing some of that content in-game, such as the Silver Crusade faction, would be great.
A: s a narrative designer, I can tell you that we’re reading as much material as we can (which is a lot, but less than 100% of what’s been published :slight_smile: People, objects and other stuff from outside the AP do make appearance where it makes sense and/or helps us make a better story. Embeth Travellers come to mind: they weren’t in the original Kingmaker AP, but it made perfect sense to include them. I’m not going to spoil what exactly we’re bringing into WoTR, though.

Q: 1 - How will the Mythic spellcasting progression be like for Classes that don’t cast Spells? It was said that the Lich Levels will count as extra mage Levels and will allow the PC to reach Spells of higher Tiers at lower Levels and will eventually reach 10th Tier Spells at higher Levels, but I imagine that’s only the case if play with a Class that already grants Spells.
2 - You said you will be homebrewing new archetypes for this game, how many of those custom-made ones will be per Class?
3 - Will the 2 losing Races of the upcoming poll between Kitsune, Ratfolk, and Catfolk have a future chance to be added as a DLC or something like that?
A: 1. If your class does not have a spellbook or isn’t a full caster, then you will get a separate spellbook named “Lich”. You will also be able to do that if you are a full caster - as you may want to be Wizard 1 with 7 Int forever for your build for some reason, and will not want to chain your lich spellbook to this class.
2. Not a lot, from 0 to 2 of them. We mostly make them out of necessity or for flavor reasons. For example, if we need a specific archetype somewhere in the game (like for a companion), but the class lacks it, or if the list of archetypes for class does not have enough archetypes that we think will be a great addition to our game.
3. There are no plans for DLCs yet

Q: Woljif Jefto is LI?)
A: Woljif Jefto is a sweet precious cinnamon bun.
FollowupQ: Isn’t that Ember though? Is the entire Cast of Companions Cinnamon Rolls?
A: No, some are pancakes!

Q: Is there a favorite mythic path in your studio?
A; There is certainly no consensus on this question. All the people have their favored mythic paths. I think if we judge by the popularity in the studio alone then Swarm-that-Walks, Azata, and Lich will win, but no one actually ever made the poll. The Trickster is also a strong contender, and it often changes as we flesh them out in specific details. For example, Azata, for example, wasn’t as popular, so we added a Havoc Dragon, and that instantly changed. I expect it to change regularly, as this is a part of work in progress.

Q: Is there going to be any tweaks to the inventory system? Stuff like more clear labelling, searching, mass dropping items, quickly repeating using items, etc.?
A; Yes, some of the things you mentioned are on our list to do when we will be making a pass on equipment and inventory UI.

Q: Hey guys! Loved Kingmaker, but felt the romances/bonding was a little breif/short. I know this is a crpg and not a dating sim, but could we expect some more dialogue/interactions with our “romances” like Queen Galfrey in Wrath of the Righteous for example? ;D
A: There’s a running joke within the Narrative team that we should drop all the RPG mechanics, and just make a full-blown dating sim :slight_smile:
Seriously, though, as much as we love writing romance, they will probably have more or less the same amount of content as they did in Kingmaker.
FollowupQ: Are you saying that WOTR will have the same amount of romance as Kingmaker, even with social and stretch goal?
FOllowupA: There were stretch goals for more romances, not for making every romance bigger :slight_smile:

Q: Hi, thanks for doing this AMA, I’m a huge fan.
I’ve got a question about the mythic paths. They seem to each line up pretty neatly with a different alignment. My question is if we’ll be forced to play as those particular alignments when we pick our paths?
For example, could you play a lich who is wracked with guilt for what they’ve done, desperate to make things right (like the narrator of kickstarter video seems to be) or an angel who is arguably worse and more wicked than the demons they fight?
A: This goes into some heavy spoilers territory, so I can only give you a vague answer: choosing a mythic path won’t lock you into One Possible Story, you’ll have room for roleplay within each of them. It won’t be “choose which railroad to ride”, every path comes with its own set of choices, consequences and endings.

Q: I think this will get buried, unfortunately. But! Any chance we’ll get the zen archer archetype for monks?
A: We already have it in Wrath of the Righteous! One of the companions (Lann) is Zen Archer :slight_smile:

Q:Dear devs, will the mythic paths be strictly bounded to a specific alignment or will we be able to create a more “grey” avatar?
For example: - If I become an angel, will I be bound to LG alignment or may I slowly turn superb due to my new “status”, becoming NE? - Can I become a demon only for my tyrannical desires, and be bound to CE alignment, or can I remain NG and choose to be a demon because I think that one must fight fire with fire (like witchers, grey wardens from DA, Blade the vampire slayers etc)?
A: What you’re describing is not grey, it’s going completely against your chosen mythic path :slight_smile: You will be able to make different choices that lead to different endings within every mythic path, some of them “grey”, and there are always options that are not alignment-locked. You can, for example, choose to become a Trickster, and then just abandon all the Trickster content, going for one of the endings any path can achieve, only being a Trickster by name and number of powers — but we’re not making special content for a lawful Trickster of a good Lich.
Also, there’s always the Legend path, where you give up your mythic powers in exchange for something else entirely, both in mechanics and in the story.
OtherA: It is a little tricky to answer this precisely as we are still working on the complete system. Our current idea is that to choose particular mythic path you will have to complete certain quests or tasks. And those are usually pull your alignment toward certain alignment. Let’s take Lich as example. To become Lich you will have to make some evil actions and that will pull your alignment toward evil. And when you become one, you will still be able to make choices, that are good or evil, but some of the choices available only to the Lich will also be evil. We think that if you will be progressing as Lich and making a lot of good choices - you will be able to end up a Neutral Lich, but not a Good Lich
FollowupQ: But how will it work then? If I am an angel, for exemple, will I only be able to make LG/neutral decisions because evil ones are not contemplate for my mythic path? And if I will instead be able to perform evil actions will they have consequences like loosing my powers (like it works for paladins)?

Thank you kindly for your time :slight_smile:
FollowupA: Sorry, we’re heading into a spoiler-heavy territory here :slight_smile: But, no, your chosen mythic path won’t ban you from choosing any answers.
Q: Just how alignment-locked are the mythic paths? That is, is it possible to complete the game as a Good demon, a Chaotic aeon, or an Evil gold dragon?
A: No, this won’t be possible. Every mythic path is associated with an alignment or a group of alignments – some more losely, some stricter. Gold dragon is the Ultimate Good, Aeon is the power of Law, you can’t change that. But, of course, you can play against your chosen mythic path, sometimes with unexpected results.

Q: Beneath the Stolen Lands is such a fun and popular way for people to play custom parties. Will WoR feature any sort of “endless” or repeatable dungeon?
A: Right now we are focusing on story-driven part of content, we have a great story to tell. As most of the story content will be completed we will review what “game modes” will be able to add to the game

Q: Will we get to run around with Tiger (the best pet from Kingmaker)?
A: We don’t have plans for adding this cute cat to Wrath of the Righteous at the moment :slight_smile: But we see a strong lobby in our community for this.

Q: Do you choose your mystic path, or are you assigned one based on some actions you make during the early game? Asking because some descriptions of the feature made it sound like it’s the latter.
A: You choose your mythic path, but some choices need to be unlocked first – some easily, some will take effort.

Q: Will there be branching quests based on race/class/religion/mythic path choices?
Thank you for your time, really looking forward to the next game.
A: No, there won’t be race/class specific quests.
FollowupQ: I didn’t mean that the quests could only be completed by members of the race/class, but that some endings or paths are specific to those choices. For instance, if I was playing a cleric of a certain god and the quest involved followers of that god, would I get additional options, gated by my class, to complete the quest?
A: Of course, that’s the point of reactivity.

Q: If we decide we want to play a “non-religious” class, will the Wrath campaign still make sense?
A: Of course. When a horde of demons appears to kill everyone, you don’t need to be religious to join the Crusade. It’s up to you to decide what exactly your Knight Commander is fighting for – a deity, personal gain, power, motherland, loved ones… Or just for the sake of fighting :slight_smile:

Q: What lessons and ideas, if any, are you taking from the player mods in Kingmaker?
A: We are certainly looking at mods and appreciate the community doing so much for our game. And when we are implementing things already implemented in a mod - we do consider the experience of that mod.
But mostly we are implementing things parallel to the mods - I mean that we are not adding an Oracle because it appeared in Eldritch Arcana. It’s just that we are adding it for the same reason it appeared in Eldritch Arcana - for the reason that it is a very popular character class.
But yeah, we were looking closely at turn-based mod when working on our turn-based mode. And we are well aware of other mods that add features to our game that we wanted to add ourselves - be that respec mod, camera rotation, Eldritch Arcana, and Advanced Martial Arts, Call of the Wild, and so on.

Q: Will you add the core spells that were missing from Kingmaker? Black Tentacles, Teleport, Time Stop, Wish and Meteor Swarm, in particular?
A: We are planning to add more spells but hadn’t yet decided on a final list. I am well aware of the iconic nature of those spells, so we will certainly think long and hard about them in particular. We do not want to make them in a simple way - if we will, for example, make time stop - it will need to stop everything, projectiles, FXs, sounds, enemies mid animation, buffs ticking, and so on - so you can understand how time-consuming this implementation might end being. So we need to consider whether we have time to make time stop.

Q:Hello! So excited for this!

Can you please give us more information in regards to the Azata? Out of all the mystic paths, they don’t have a strong visual or flavor detailed in their description. What themes do their powers have? What sort of abilities will player’s receive for choosing them? WILL WE GET FAE WINGS? :smiley:
A: You will get a talkative havoc dragon that is growing as your walk this path :slight_smile:

Q: will we be able to still play the game after completing the main story things to do random quests and such?
A: No. WoTR, like Kingmaker, ends with a huge epilogue that tells you the consequences of your walkthrough for the entire world and specific people/factions/places you interacted with.

Q: Will there be a weapon style toggle?(For exmaple, wielding a Longsword one-handed with a free hand, or wielding it two-handed)
A: Currently, you are by wielding two-handed by default. But you wield it one-handed if you have spell combat switched on - you will wield it one-handed. We may add a toggle that will appear to switch one-handed wielding if you have some use for another hand (for example, if you have claws on it). Do you need it? If yes - we will add it.

Q: Hello! Can you tell us a little more about the Mythic Legend path? Is it just a “hard” mode without powers, or does it have its own narrative path like the others that might lead to Ascension/godhood or other mythic powers through a longer, harder path? To the extent that you’re able to answer without spoiling too much, I appreciate it!

A: Mythic Legend path is not a “hard mode without powers”. There are some powers and mechanics for this path as well as its own narrative path. I can not go much into the specifics because of the risk to spoil it, but I will say that this path is more difficult to find.

Q: When the game pauses, will there be a way to know what caused the pause? For instance, a character cast a spell or the round ended or an enemy died, stuff like that. Will the game announce the cause or will there be a helpful icon or something similar?
A; We do not want to fill the central part of the screen with such details. I can certainly ask whether we may add the info about this into the combat log. Will that be enough?

Q: Will there be any quest similar to Inconsequential Debates? It was my favorite bit of laugh.
A: While the story is darker and more epic, it will not be just doom and gloom. There are some lighthearted moments as well. And the whole mythic path of trickster is about jokes and tricks.


Q: Hi! Thanks for the AMA.

Kingmaker had a nice few touches of LGBT+ NPCs just existing in the world, offhandedly mentioning their spouses. But there’s been critique (before the Tiefling DLC) regarding Regongar and Octavia (the only bi companions initially) falling into tropes about bisexual people. (Sleeping around a lot, open relationship, dysfunctional couple, etc)

So I wished to ask. How will Wrath of the Righteous handle LGBT+ characters and romance, in regards to having a fair variety and portraying LGBT+ characters in a fair way?
A: With Regongar and Octavia, you’re taking it backwards. We didn’t decide to create a companion representing bisexual people, then slap a bunch of tropes on them. We started with this idea of a disfunctional couple that you can interact with in different ways – support one side, help them get along, make them break up… And then we just worked from there, creating the story we ended up with. This was a creative choice, and we treat other LGBT-related content the same: as part of the overall picture. We’re telling a large story with a huge cast of characters, major and minor, some of whom happen to be queer, just like it is in the real world (and within the studio itself). We give them as much love and care as we do to other characters and stories.

Q: I’m amazingly hyped for the game, guys! I just wanted to express my gratitude for your hard work.
My question: would it be at all possible to implement something like NWN2’s quick cast menu? It would make life so much easier for spellcasters!
A: One of the intended usages of a favored spells page - the one marked with a star with metamagic in it was exactly this. We did not work enough in this direction though. We hadn’t yet decided whether we will, as we are currently not working on this part of UI.

Q: You have played the WotR campaign in tt pathfinder, right? What character have you played in the pnp campaign?
A: Dwarf stonelord and Aasimar oracle with Lunar mystery :eyes:
OtherA: My character was called Toil — a brutish tiefling woman with broken-off horns and a brand on her face, formerly a bandit who got caught and sent to mines (hence the nickname), then was redeemed and became a TN Warpriest of Pharasma. You might meet her somewhere in the game, but olny as a minor character — I used my “golden ticket” to create my own companion on Ember.
OtherA: I was GMing the adventure for my group (and continue doing so)

Q: When will the alpha start?
A: We will announce the dates for the alpha test later.

Q: Judging from the Kickstarter video, one of the major themes of the game seem to be “the cost of power”. While I could see this working for Mythic Paths like Lich, Demon or Swarm-That-Walks, who are giving up their humanity and presumably committing unethical acts in their pursuit of greater strength, how is this angle going to be present for the more “benevolent” Mythics like Angel or Gold Dragon?
Or is this only a theme for the Lich path, and different paths are going to face different manners of internal conflicts?
A: Each Mythic Path has different conflict that is part of their story. The topic of the “cost of power” is more like a topic that we are addressing throughout the game

Q: What options are there for the legend mythic path? There is next to no info about what it could entail while the others at least have some creature type and description to give us a general idea. I personally am not the biggest fan of being forced to transform into something else just to be mythic.
A: We’re keeping it a mystery for now :slight_smile: I can say, though, that we’re making it with the exact mindset you’ve just described in mind.

Q: You mentioned before that to get access to a mythic path you will have to complete a series of quests, and also that golden dragon, swarms-that-walks and legend are paths that will be available later than the other 6. Will there be some kind of indicator that doing a quest would lock you out of the later mythic paths, as not to accidentally become something else while checking quests off from your journal?
A: You certainly can’t accidentally choose a mythic path. You can, however, do something wrong and lock yourself out of the later-game paths.

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: 42

Q: Hi there! Really enjoyed the first one, playing through it again now.

I really liked Octavia for having a polyamory theme, but was sad that it was still mostly incompatible with other romances.

Will I be able to romance multiple companions in this game?
A: Unlikely. While I loved working on the Octoreg OTT, it proved very tricky both mechanical and story-wise. And now we have an additional factor that affects the player’s interactions with companions: the chosen mythic path. We might still manage to do something like this again, but it would take even more work than it did in Kingmaker, so chances are slim.

Q: Good. I hope you dont waste much time on romances. If people want romances they should play dating sims, not CRPGs.
The best CRPG of the past did not any romance options (Planescape Torment).
A: Hey, people play RPGs for all kinds of reasons! That’s why we love the genre :slight_smile:

Q: Yet another Discord question: What new feats are there? Will favored Prestige Class and Prestigious Spellcaster make it in?
A: I wanted to put them in the first game and still want to put them in the second, but sadly only time will tell - adding these specific feats into the game are not a priority.

Q: Are you guys planning to eventually add any of the updates made in WotR back into Kingmaker, such as new classes?
A: Sadly, it is not an easy thing to do - some parts of internal architecture in the code changed, so it is not just copying and pasting it there. To do that we would need to basically make them once again.

Q: Will you, or will you consider, adding racial archtypes for races that don’t have heritages? (Eg, wood elf and high elf, mt dwarf and gold dwarf, etc)
A: You’ll have to wait a bit for the reveal of the answer to this question on Kickstarter. Although you can instead join the codebreaker community, and find that they already discovered that it might be included in the next stretch goal.

Q: What went into deciding which classes would be added for the sequel? I love how many have been included, but the selection process is interesting. The exclusion of Swashbuckler despite the enduring popularity of DEX/CHA-focused characters, for example, or the inclusion of Arcanist when Wizard, Witch, and Sorcerer are already in the game. What factors did you all take into account when deciding which classes to add?
A: Mostly how well the class fits the adventure path and the game we foresee. We just thought that for example, Warpriest fits the crusade against demons better than a swashbuckler. Also, swashbuckler would have required some serious modification from us - some of the main abilities of the class, namely Opportune Parry and Repose, Charmed Life, Dodging Panache and so on require you to make decisions during an attack, and this is hard to implement in both RTwP and TB modes, and we would have needed to change it.

Q: Good evening I am super happy to have Arueshalae as a companion, could you please tell us what kind of class/archetype she’s going to be? We know she uses a bow but not much else.
A: She will be a ranger with a special archetype. As we are not making her with monster levels - she would be unable to take a prestige class from the get-go, and this prestige class is not a perfect fit for a video game anyway. Instead, we will make a spy flavored ranger, with a charisma as a casting stat.

Q: It was said that if you didn’t have spellcasting when you took the lich path you’d gain some. Does this extend to gaining martial prowess as well, such as Base Attack Bonus, or will your Gold Dragon sorcerer be forever unable to hit anything?
A: Some mythic paths will certainly improve your martial prowess (in different ways though), and Gold Dragon specifically will improve your base attack bonus (that will not be the only thing that it will improve, though).

Q: What were your biggest lessons learned from Kingmaker?
A: The game was released in rather rough condition. And we are not planning on doing the same mistake again. In a part it was due to our underestimation of amount of reactivity to the choices and the scope of the whole decision tree. We addressed that in WotR by creating special tool that allow us to see every consequence to every decision and be sure that we covered all of those. We also made bot that is testing every build of our game (by playing the game) and report every error that it finds.

Second big takeaway was about the tutorial and learning curve for the game. And we are addressing them as well with far more extended system that will educate about rules of the game and rules of the Pathfinder. We envision it a bit like virtual GM, that will assist player throughout the game (if they want help, and didn’t turn it off) by describing mechanics they’ve encountered (for example, what is Damage Reduction and what can player do to overcome it), or by drawing attention to particular problems (those two items provide bonuses that are not stacking). We are going only to provide information, not to perform any action for the player

Q: I really enjoyed the optional difficult encounters of the game. Things like the wererat cave, the Owlbears near the swamp witch’s house or the Crag Linnorm when you first encounter it. As I enjoyed the Basilisk in the middle of nowhere in BG1, or the random liches hiding in a tavern cellar and the Shadow Dragon in BG2. Can we expect such encounters in WotR too?
A: Yes, you definitely can expect such encounters

Q: Will there be more challenging varied bosses? Like Spawn of Rovagug and Ithiluk?
A: Yes, we are spending more time on creating boss encounters.

Q: Will the alignment dialog choices be more varied so you don’t end up having to choose an option that goes against your alignment?
A: We are striving to provide a lot of options for role-playing and we will be changing alignment a little bit differently. Dialog options for good-evil and lawful-chaotic axes will be separated

Q: What changes have been made to Q.A. and bug finding and fixing so that Wrath launches in a state where the game can be completed?
Were there any specific issues with the Kingmaker testing process that caused the game to have as many issues as it did? For example, testing using stable chapter starting saves rather than carrying over saves from the start of the game to the finish, or simply not having enough people working on QA?
A: We had a separate update about lessons we’ve learnt from the launch of Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It also contains information on our plans and actions to improve QA :slight_smile: You can read it here:

Q: Hi there, one of the physical rewards is a printed manual, wich isn’t included in the Add-ons.

Is it possible to get a pdf-version?
A: Hello!
No, it will be exclusive for physical rewards.

Q: Hi!
So, which one of the 3 race will it be? Because I will be sad if it isn’t Ratfolk.
A: We will held a poll among our backers, so they will decide which race out of 3 will be in our game :slight_smile:

Q: Another question: can you tell us when the alpha will be available, and when we will be able to play it? Can’t wait! :slight_smile:
A; We will announce it later. But if you have alpha access we will make sure you won’t miss the alpha test!

Q: Will we ever see Harrim Again?
A: If you play Pathfinder: Kingmaker - definitely! ;p

Q: Hello, and thank you for creating a wonderful game in kingmaker.
Can you ride a boar in WotR?
A: We’ve reached the Mounted Combat goal, so definitely yes.

Q: Hey! I’m so excited for this game that I joined reddit only to make a question! So here it goes: One of your clear goals when creating those amazing RPGs is to recreate, as faithfully as possible, the tabletop experience. Dice rolls plays an important part in both games and getting a bad roll is just part of it.
But when it happens in a CRPG, I could just reload a save and try again until I get the desired outcome. I could try to disarm a trap thousands of times, with no consequence to that. On the tabletop, on the other hand, the DM apply the rule of the roll (or not) and the game continues, with trying to keep the roleplay fun and engaging in mind all the time (Maybe?). In a CRPG there’s no real DM to avoid such frustations, and save spamming is an option (?) In Kingmaker. Will Wrath of the Rightious try to adress this in any capacity? Or is just part of adapting an RPG as complex as Pathfinder? Thank you for you answer and I can’t wait to be able to play it!
A: In my opinion loading save game to retry a check is a choice that is better left in the hand of the player. Some are considering this behavior cheating, some are fond of doing so. So we are not addressing save/loading the game, it is your choice.

Q: Well the person who designed Ratnook hill also get complete freedom to design the harder difficulties, with additional enemies?
A: He is doing it just now.

Q: Will turn based feature any balance beyond being a mode you turn it on? I’m not asking for something heavy, but maybe tonning down trash or maybe raising in the fights where it feels it is appropriate, or maybe even unique skills in like how divinity does in higher difficulty modes.
A: All our encounters are based on the tabletop creatures statistics and abilities and they will have those similar both in RTWP and TB modes. But AI behavior for the creatures will change slightly between RTWP and TB.
As for the creature abilities, some of the abilities are turned off on the lower difficulty settings (because they are harder to deal with, or require great understanding of the Pathfinder game system). And this setting will be also available as additional control for the difficulty if player decide to make a custom difficulty setting

Q: Is there any hope for Good Arcane Spellcaster Mythic Paths? Evil has Lich (and maybe Swarm?), but Angel seems presented as a Divine caster and Gold Dragon, from questions already answered in the AMA, doesn’t seem to have access to 10th level spells.
A: While lich indeed had arcane roots - your evil cleric will be able to get some lich spells all the same. That is true for angel too - you will be able to become an angel wizard and fill your spellbook with heals and heavenly justice to the brim (or just enjoy holy-empowered other spells instead).

Q: Are spells gained from Lich Mythic Path (which, you mentioned, will be a spellcaster regardless of base class) subject to arcane spell failure from armor worn?
A: When you gain them - you will be able to either gain them as a stand-alone “Lich” spellbook (in which case they will not have arcane spell failure) or to augment your existing spellbook with them (in which case they will inherit that property from your spellbook - so, if you were a wizard they will).

Q: Hi, i’d like to ask about the brand new archetypes that are not in PnP. Those are, by far, the most intriguing and exciting thing to me. I feel like when Paizo announces a new book and i just start theorizing what could be in it, and i’ve got a ton of questions about this new archetypes. Who is designing them? How many are there? Which classes are getting them, other than the Slayer? Can we get a sneak peek to another one, or maybe some names?
A: We already published some info about them - a Spirit Hunter shaman archetype was made for Camelia, and a witch archetype was made for Ember. Most of them (if not all) were made by Leonid Tolochenko (you can find him in our discord by the name of Inanky, everyone blames him for everything there, I don’t know why and at this point are too afraid to ask) with some consultation with me. I think I unexpectedly revealed one in another answer - an archetype for a ranger with spy-flavor and charisma based casting will be there for another character, Arueshalae.



Q: I’ve got a question - likely for Thainen. There are a few particular sections of the Adventure Path that are considered controversial by the tabletop community, such as a certain interaction with a major lore character that can cause permanent blindness or deafness. Are you planning on making any narrative adjustments based off of the criticism that the Adventure Path has faced?
A: I’m not aware of the criticism in question. Are you talking about the person you meet in the beginning of book 5? Naturally, it’s a spoiler-heavy territory, so I’ll just say this: it’s a major event, and we changed it A LOT. Expect the unexpected :slight_smile:

Aside from that: it would be fun to have dialogue options that read like this:
[Do a really stupid and very lethal thing] “Hold my ale!”
However, we have a policy that explicitly forbids that. We never kill the player character in the dialogue, even if it looks really funny. Adding a throwaway line that results in permanent blindness fals under the same category.

Q: What is going on with the Kingmaker console port?
A: We are working hard on it. As soon as we will have more information to reveal - we will definitely do so!

Q: What about role of the Commander? Will there be advisers, as well as problems and projects to which we will send them?
A: We are remaking the strategy layer for the Wrath of the Righteous to make it centered on the war effort and armies. A lot of it is still being designed. We are planning to have advisers and we want to have projects as they seem a great fit for what we have in mind.

Q: Are all the classes from Kingmaker in this new game? Including the Kineticist from the DLC?
A: Yes

Q: You mentioned in a stream that the demon mythic path will have different aspects it can take, like for example a shadow demon. Will this be true for other mythics as well? Will there be Angel aspects, or Azata aspects, or Swarm aspects?
A: Aspects are a feature specific to a demon. Azatas will have their own choices to make instead, as will an angel. The Swarm is very different in this regard, in some other stream I said that the Late-game mythic paths (Swarm, Dragon, and Legend) are a little crazier than others.

Q: How flexible will mythic paths be in terms of buildmaking? For example, can mythic paths be built freely? Will liches be viable as martials? Demons as spellcasters?
A: We want players to have more flexibility in mythic paths, and we certainly think to make them more viable for different classes. There will certainly be the best ways to make the most out of mythic class that community will find anyway, so we have no goal to prevent that. But we certainly think about martial liches and caster demons - they should be viable, although they might lack the variety of choices.

Hi, PerpetualNothing and Thainen.
Will there by any kind of management component like in kingmaker with your own domain to manage ?
Maybe bound to the mythic path like a lich council to choose the fate of the lichhood Or a war meeting between every mythic creature on tactical decision to make ?
Do we have a Kingdom or a castle to manage ? Or at least do we have some decision making trough the game depending of the mythic path chosen ?
A: You will command the armies of the crusade.

Q: With the introduction of mounted combat will Paladins be able to choose between a special mount and ability to empower their weapon. Or will they be limited to the latter ability like in Kingmaker
A: Yes, Paladins will be able to choose between mount and empowering weapon

Q: Will Saves between characters be fully separate, or will saves of the same name still overwrite each other?
A: We will look into it

Q: How much voice acting will there be?
A: We are planning to have about 10-15% of the dialogs voiceovered (about the same as in Kingmaker). It will be major scenes and major character introductions

Q: How much will we be able to reroll/build the companions. For example can I completely change aru to be a wizard instead of a spy?
A: We did not want to allow you to remake your characters completely - as they will stop making sense from the story point of view. Ekun would have lost his Okbo with a full rebuild, for example. Next in that is changing their alignment and race. At this point, you might as well hire a merc.
I consider the mechanical part of the character inherent and oppose the “separation of gameplay and story”.

Q: The Army Management system will be one of the highlights of the game. Will we be able to recruit characters from all over the lore of Pathfinder? For example, Taldor warriors, Tian Xia Ninja and Samurai, Osirian sages, maybe even New Thassilon mages (if it has been established in your game)!
A: Not from all of the Pathfinder for certain - it is just too expansive to include everything. We are not Dominions series to feature thousands of different unit types in the game. But there will be guests from other places that you will be able to get through diplomacy.



I wish they really stopped talking about Steam Workshop when we’re asking them explicitly about toolset and game files architecture.
Sad we aren’t getting Time Stop. One of my favourite spells.

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Those are my answers and they weren’t good. But we will talk about modding support later.


It’s not that they aren’t good it’s that they completely miss the point of the question… Thanks for answering!

Thank you for collecting the answers

Still waiting for those updated modding answers!

The Dinosaurs answer is now out dated as Dinosaurs ARE in, along with the Hunter Class.

This is somewhat disappointing.

I was looking forward to being a Chaotic Good/Neutral Good Demon path character. I genuinely hope I won’t have to do a bunch of Chaotic Evil stuff in order to become one. I don’t want an Evil party.
Fighting fire with fire, as the questioner proposed, was my idea behind it. At the very least, I hope I can stay Chaotic Neutral and still keep people from abandoning my party.

Opening up Good/Evil responses after becoming them is a good idea, but locking these paths behind Good/Evil playstyles is bad.
I don’t want to have to, say, slaughter a bunch of crusaders or civilians to follow the Demon Mythic Path. Opening a response like that up as an option, afterward, is fine though.

I hope they think this through.

None of the quests should be alignment-locked or path-locked, either before or after you choose your mythic path.

^the fact that you can do the quests I agree. Those should not be locked. But certain routes like “helping people” while having a rep for being a nasty killer should not work. The quest needs a different approach then for sure not being locked.

AoOs are fundamental part of the rules and will not be removed.
There are ways to avoid them (for example mobility skill).
It makes sense that you cannot simply walk away from someone who is stabbing you with a sword without consequences.
If you do not like the pathfinder rules, there are tons of other games to play.


advocate the removal of AoO? lmao… this must be a joke. also is a big joke if owlcat would remove it (as part of the core base rule) for 1 person who demands that… chuckle


Baldurs gate, the game that invented this type of games, was inspired by RTS among other things.
RPGs are not RTS and will never be.
No matter what rules other games use, this game uses pathfinder rules and AoOs are a part of them.

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