Allow half caster Mythics to use their casting stats instead of Mythic Rank

Not gonna lie, un-merged spellbooks feel unsatisfying as hell. The progression is too slow and using your Mythic Ranks of all things for DCs instead of a proper casting stat means many of their spells are so weak. I found myself using the Expanded Arsenal exploit just to be able to use those special mythic spells. But on the other hand Spellbook Merging is so broken it completely trivializes the game and I don’t even want to do it.

I think that when you reach Mythic Rank 3 you should be able to choose a casting stat in place of Mythic Ranks. Or maybe you should be able to spellbook merge with Aeon/Trickster/Azata/Demon but not get a faster spell progression. Certain spells like Trick Fate could be bumped to level 9 so the game isn’t broken too quickly. But whatever is done, I think it would be a damn shame if all those unique spells you guys designed were left in the lurch as they are.