All Saves Won't Load

Game was working fine after 1.08e update for several days. Nothing changed. No new mods. No new updates. This morning none of my saves will load. It crashes back to the main menu at 7%. This is true for all saves, even older hard saves going back several chapters.

I tried reinstalling and deleting the folder in locallow (not the saves). Still every save crashes at 7%.

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Have you heard anything on this, because I’m having the same problem.

Nope. I love being ignored when I request help with a product.

I thought I had fixed my issue (I was unable to load any saves from the mongrel village all the way to defenders heart) but now none of my saves are loading. I’m in the same boat now.

I had this exact issue start today. Worked in the morning, then just stopped loading.

Playing on steam.

I was using Box of Toys, uninstalled it, reinstalled WOTR, etc. Nothing. Can start a new game but no save will load.

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