All related to beta

I would like to see alpha updated, but more than anything I would like to see beta.
I’m personally shocked how barebone alpha was, but that was to be expected… I guess
I just hope beta would have more meat going on, but I deeply understand that takes time… and I would rather see good beta, than another alpha demo.
Any estimates when will beta roll?

Second alpha is anounced for late summer. Beta earliest in winter, possible start of next year. Just keep in mind that the game will not lunch before next summer


Barebone ? I was surprised there was already so much in Alpha, more than one year from release.

Aaah, different expectations… :sweat_smile:

Hehe, agreed!!! >_<

My personal bet/opinnion is that we can be really happy if we get beta for X-mas (like november/december).

Because in beta you most likely (atleast it should) do not have placeholders taken from Kingmaker and we can actually play game “nearly” at state as it will be released.

I do not mean that alpha test was for nothing. All these bugs we find now are (hopefully) fixed in beta. But we will get WAY more content in every way you can think off. Sure it will not be “gold version” from the game (it was used to say that gold version was one you send for press and create CD’s / DVD/s floppy/hard disks) but not as “bare bones” as you mention in things like army fights.

Allso my bet is that we (hopefully) get more act’s to play allso. If game will have preluge, act 1 to act 6 then most likely we get from act 1 to act 4 or so. Just really hoping that who ever make inner test in the house (not that bot only) really have time to test these last parts of the game before players get that far after release. Because I believe no one want to reply from Kingmaker start (first 2 act’s were kind of OK but after that… …oh boy).