All forum themes broken?

Since today’s update, in which you set (I suppose) everyone’s theme to “Owlcatgames”,

  • this new theme makes it impossible for me to post anything, the bottom button “Create Topic” is unresponsive
  • the usual “Custom graceful” has its two top rows partially inactive, the top row does nothing and in the 2nd row, I can’t use the search, menu and profile buttons on the right. Besides, some things are unreadable as I previously posted.

I suppose the dark theme is still broken too, I’m not trying it.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to post anything beyond this, fortunately I kept a tab with the previous profile to be able to change, but I have to choose between things that don’t work, and I suppose I’m not the only one.

Your themes really need fixing…

We are still working on the forum themes, hopefully soon they will become more comfortable to use!

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I had a quick look at the Custom graceful, but it’s been a long time since I designed websites. It seems two div’s are overlapped, one for the navigation crumbs (that you removed in the Owlcatgames theme), and the other for the 3 profile icons. I suppose that they could be divided left / right instead of overlapping.

Or the crumbs could be at the top, since the current links there are fake.

Then some colours are unfortunate, mainly the yellow on paper-beige. But otherwise the colours and background are just fantastic and echo the game.

The forum engine is really great too, I suppose it’s mainly tuning the themes a little bit :slight_smile: