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Where can I discuss alfa with all the other cool kids who has it?

I cannot personally add users to the Alpha forum, you need to send a pm to @Mortheim

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Not getting any response from DM

@Mork please halp I got no response

Same here… DM sent 9 days ago - sadly no response yet.

I, too, bought the alpha access as an add-on and have never received forum access.

Also, I don’t have the ability to DM someone, it seems - clicking on a user’s name and there is no “message” box.

well I feel like my 15 bucks are vain.
I had some thougts from kingmaker about how to improve game desighn, but it looks like noone cares,


I did ask @Mortheim a few times to give me the option to add peoples to the Alpha forum, but i didn’t got any answer from him…

There is nothing i can do atm :frowning:

You can use the bug reporting feature in alpha to report suggestions. I have no idea whether that (versus a forum post) is more or less effective, but it’s an option available to you.

The Alpha 2 e-mail also says to send an e-mail to Owlcat if you do not have Alpha forum access.

I mean, I did that, and nothing has happened yet, but it is another option :slight_smile:

If anyone else need access to the Alpha forum just message me or mention with @Mork.