Alertness Feat Vs. Skill Focus Feat

The “Alertness” feat grants a +2 bonus to the Perception skill, which increases to a +4 bonus if you have 10 or more ranks in the Perception skill.

The “Skill Focus” feat grants a +3 bonus to any one skill of your choice, which increases to a +6 bonus if you have 10 or more ranks in the skill you selected.

Is there any reason to ever take the Alertness feat instead of the Skill Focus (Perception) feat?

Iirc, as implemented, you can only take a given feat once unless the in game text expressly says you can take it multiple times. I saw when I selected skill focus it was gone in future options.

Alertness in PnP gives +2 to Perception AND +2 to Sense Motive, providing a lower bonus to two skills. With the adapted skills implementation, Sense Motive doesn’t exist, being combined with Perception and removing that benefit. The Alertness feat hasn’t been adapted yet, and understandably so given there are more important things to work on

it should probably just be removed all together…

Not if your character’s intent is to max out perception, in which case the +6 and +4 stack for essentially 10 levels of perceptiony goodness.

I’m not sure if it was implemented in the game, but Alertness and Skill Focus don’t stack in PnP. It is worth noting that there are ways of getting Alertness (a Familiar is the easiest/most common way) without selecting it.