AI toggle greyed out... Please help?

So I bought this game back when it came out but shelved it due to bugs. Now I’ve restarted a new game in anticipation for PKII. Party is level 14 and all of a sudden my AI button is completely greyed out and can’t be clicked on/off. So I’m stuck with all party members with no AI atm. Loaded previous games and same thing. (I don’t do much saving, just 3 autosave and 3 quicksave). Any ideas/help? Thank you.

Anyone? Does Owlcat even come here? So the latest is this. I added Jubilost (which isn’t part of my main core) to do a companion quest. His AI is on funnily enough, but also can’t be changed. It seems something just froze into place with the AI depending on who had what on/off at time of freezing and now I can’t do anything about it…any help would be appreciated as no AI with the way I play is very painful. party just goes into ??? mode after every action.

yeah, i have the same problem. might be the lastest patch released as before that the AI on/ off worked fine.