AI for dumb bugs not skip front line to target casters?

Seems the bugs are pro in tactics and bypass the front line and go for the back ranks. They must be more intelligent than your average bug.

I am thinking of putting my squishes up front and tanks in the back when dealing with fruit flys and centipedes. Think that will work?

I’m pretty sure this behavior is triggered by casting spells, and its intended to ensure your backline and vulnerable casters are targeted. Its both annoying, and a minor but fantastic increase in challenge from Kingmaker…

I’d recommend capitalizing on it and considering taking reach and Combat Reflexes to punish enemies that do that.

I don’t know that it’s specificly tied to spell casting. I think it’s just a more aggressive enemy ai. I noticed the change between the first and second beta. It’s definitely forced a rethink in building front liners as Ever Ready and other feats giving you more AoO arre much more important.

I love it too. It makes sense for intelligent adversaries to use tactics. And yes, I changed position of players putting the tanks on the back line, and they still attacked the wimps. So you are right by how it is triggered.

but, I was specifically speaking of creepy crawlies and I’m not sure they would know to attack someone mumbling arcane spells from a dex fighter. But I suppose it’s a minor gripe in the scheme of things. Does take out the immersion value when you have bugs using tactics like humanoids would.

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If enemies really go after chars who are casting spells players could exploit this easily.
Imagine you have an extremely tanky char who can cast spells (sword saint, eldritch scoundrel or some kind of bloodrager maybe). This char uses spells, all others attack and use spells only outside of combat.

I cannot play right now.
If someone has nothing better to do, you could try to create an unarmored magic tank (e.g. sword saint), a warrior with armor but not very high AC and an arcane caster (e.g. wizard) with low AC.
All 3 chars start combat and only the tank uses magic in combat. If enemies go after the tank you know that magic attracts enemies. If enemies go after the wizard they can see your AC and go after the char with the lowest value.

It is not triggered by casting spells, since not only Casters are targetted, but also Archers
It’s pretty dumb in my game. The enemies run through my frontline, get a lot of AoOs, attack the backline once, then go back to the frontline and attack the frontliners

Wild guessing:
Devs were not happy when enemies attack the first char they see, players would use an untouchable tank and a bunch of glass cannons.
But devs cannot create super intelligent AI, this would cost too much resources.
solution: Enemies attack random target. Not super intelligent, but players cannot ignore defense of back row chars any more.

Once again, this is wild guessing from my side.

Could it be being damaged or at least targeted? I noticed enemies going for my archer or caster after they got hit by them.
Would be a good solution IMHO in any case (and not the first game to employ it), because it makes sense immersion wise, and it also makes for somehwat smarter AI.

It is not so random. If none of your characters did something, they go for ranged/casting characters, and they prefer those with low AC (you see their stats, they know yours). But if my group went on offensive first (most of them at least), they will try to get the high damage types with a tank, while their casters or rogues deal with yours (e.g. the two casters in the Baphomet encounter).

Exactly, I’ve noticed if you spend turn one moving your melee characters into range but they can’t attack, meanwhile your archer shoot and your caster casts, then they will ignore your melee guys.

That being said, I am completely confused by the attack system in some cases. Sometimes I can run a good distance and get 1 attack, other times I can run a good distance and get no attack, and other times I can only run half distance and get no action. This will have to be fixed or explained.

Finally, I have seen some specific enemies that seem to be coded different than normal. Spectres seemed to go for back line almost all the time. Minotaurs will start fight with trample through your front line to attack someone behind them. My guess is if you had a caster next to the Minotaur and a melee in back, he would still trample through. Otherwise enemies seem to go for who attacks them in a round.