After respec leveling up companions freezes the game

In the act 1 before the demons attack the tavern, I did a respect of my character. After that I proceed to level up my companions, but once I level up one or more of them and I leave the level up screen the game freezes. My mouse can be moved, music is playing but the UI doesn’t end up loading and I cannot move my character. I’ll try to rest or leave the area before leveling up.

Amazing game! Thank you!

I have a similiar issue.
I’m right now in act 1 in the tavern, if I level up my companions to level 5, the game freezes after I leave the level up screen, in the same way you described.
For testing purposes I just moved my group to another area, there I was able to level up my companios just fine.

I submitted a bug report for the same issue occurring elsewhere on the map. Shortly after submitting the report, the issue occurred again. Hitting i for inventory did work while all actions were frozen, after which closing the character screen returned the UI in my case.

Your solution worked for me. Thank you very much!

Essentially when you opens menu the game pauses. Sometimes, leaving a menu does not unpause it. It’s a known bug the patch notes recommend this work around.

Just in case this happens again outside of respec.