Aeon-players, help me!

Hi guys,

So I’ve chosen Aeon as my mythic path, but I hope someone who’s further along than me can explain some of the gameplay. Now, I’m not talking about combat abilities, but the “looking-into-peoples-past-thingy”.
The wiki describes it as: “They can sense where the balance is broken and fix it, often punishing the perpetrator in the process. The cool thing about the Aeon is that they can detect places where the balance was greatly disturbed in the past and travel back in time to fix it. In doing so, they can change their current timeline, usually for the better.”

So, after I liberated Drezen, I went to the bedroom and could interract with the mirror. A brief conversation was had, cosmic promises was made, and I gained a new quest: “The Burden of the Aeon”, with a objective to “Find and convict the guilty in Drezen”. Great!

But, uh, how? Certain NPC’s, (companions included) have a graphic effect, a Cosmic-like-shine around them like an aura. Looks kinda like a Sci-fi map from a starship. Now I’m guessing this means they have made one of those beforementioned disturbances from the past that I’m capable of correcting.
However, when I interact with these NPC’s, I often have no dialogue-option that corresponds with any type of Aeon cosmic judging, or correcting anything.

Horgus Gwerm has this effect - but there’s no new dialogue whatsoever.
Daeran has this effect - I CAN chose an Aeon dialogue-choice, but it changes nothing.
I can say “You are banished” or “You will atone for your crimes by serving the crusade” - and that’s it. Nothing changes. He still has the Aeon/cosmic aura.
Same with Nurah, who’s imprisoned.

Someone who’s played Aeon further along than me; is this bugged? Should I reload a few hours back and chose some other not-bugged mythic path? Or is there an event/trigger further along that will change things? Am I doing something wrong?
I’ve tried to google this problem but can’t seem to find any answers as to HOW this is supposed to work.

Horgus, Daeran can be ignored, not part of the quest-line from what I can tell. There are a few new npcs around town that you can judge. There’s a pair of guards bugging one of the vendors. I think thats the first one you can do. Have to show up near them after hour 24.

Alright, so I thought it’d be nice to explain the solution/conclusion I found for this problem, in case anyone else is having this problem and is trying to get answers.

Just as masterbisham said, the first quest is the two guards bugging the jewelry vendor. You wait until midnight, and then you can catch them in the act.
So to make it clear (with a bit of snark) - the Aeon “confess you sins!” dialogue options just makes you character come off as a nutcase. There’s no divine powers forcing anyone to confess, you’re just actually asking people straight up, hoping they’ll confide in you. This goes for every NPC I’ve come across so far.

So that seems to be fine (although a bit disappointing) and working as intended with no apparent broken quests or whatnot.

The next issue however would be how the “Aeon-aura” (the galactic, sci-fi-looking blue shimmer) that seems to be at random locations. For example in empty street corners, or in the Citadel (on an empty space). Certain NPC’s also have this glow without there being any apparent reason behind it (as there’s no new conversation option). This by itself wasn’t cause for frustration, but the fact that Daeran, Woljif and Arueshalae had this bright effect constantly was quite bothersome.
This however, I did manage to remove with the following mod: Visual Adjustments at Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous Nexus - Mods and community

In this mod you can under the affected character go to “Show info”, click the box “Show Buffs”, remove one of the buffs causing this effect.
Hopefully this will prove useful to someone else having the issues I had!

I’ve judged 3 events so far. It looks like it’s just a waiting game where you have to re-search the entire street every time that you come back to Drezen.

You just wait for it to be possible. There will be three things you can judge in act three, then an event where you go into the past, then you get the same dungeon everyone gets. There is another quest after that but it was broken in my run and could not be started. Later in chapter 4 you get more of the same you did in chapter 3, but now it really is just straight up calling people out and threatening to get the “authorities” involved. Then you get one more “go into the past” event.

No idea about chapter 5 because thats when the game breaking mythic path crushing bugs started due to my chapter 2 respec. I understand eventually the aeon wants you to do something really stupid relating to Queen Galfrey.

I just judged and banished Daeran and whoops he left with all equipment and is not availible any more as companion.

lol well look at the bright side… you have one less annoying person in some council sessions.