[Advice needed] Non-lich arcane compatible mythic path

I am approaching my second playthrough and as long-time fan of arcane casters I am going to roll a Witch or Arcanist or Elemental Master or something else - all I knows it’s going to be arcane specialist capable of reaching level 9 spells.

I am leaving myself Lich as a final playthrough, it being so different and all.

So I need advice on optimal mythic path with ability selection for dedicated caster. I have no particual role in mind - can be blaster, glass-cannon, summoner, curse-master, buffer, what have you.

  • I know Azata sounds good with ability to reroll saving throws and SR checks.
  • Angel gains at certain point ability to cast quickened spells, but idk about his spell selection and other abilities sound oriented towards martial classes.
  • Trickster I do not understand at all - I may need guidance especially here.
  • Aeon I have played and with half of its spellbook not working as well as Bane ability working far better with martial class, it’s fairly disappointing.
  • Demon - can it even work with arcane spellcaster?

Azata gets zippy magic, favorable magic, ode to miraculous magic, and (if they ever fix it) the ability to refresh your spellbook - pretty solid stuff.

Trickster can get a meta magic to lower its spell levels, use wands an unlimited number of times, and tack on a whole wizard spellbook. Also some sneak dice and extra critical range, which you can stack onto rays.

Demon can teleport around and boost casting with certain demon aspects (but limited largely by demonic rage).


Demon can make for very potent casters. Especially with Major Demon Aspect (Coloxus) :

Demon adopts the aspect of Coloxus, gaining a bonus to Intelligence ability score equal to half of the Demon’s mythic rank plus one. The aspect of Coloxus allows the Demon to use abilities and cast spells as move actions during demonic rage.

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What the f…

* Level: 2
* School: [Enchantment](https://pathfinderwrathoftherighteous.wiki.fextralife.com/Enchantment)
* Spell Effect: Azata inspires party members. This spell grants party members a +4 morale bonus on checks to overcome spell resistance, and increase the saving throw DC of their spells that require a Will saving throw by 2.

Aeon has one of those gazes (which you have limited number of) that do the same thing except in order to reach +4 bonus you need to be mythic rank 6. And you have to activate it during each combat, which takes place of another gaze. And you have to activate other gaze to get bonus to DC. That ain’t fair… :frowning:

Ok, this is clearly a strong contender. Not big fan of “friendship is magic” but I can somehow endure.

Is it different than Conjurer’s ability to teleport 30 feet as a move action?

Ok that’s a huge bonus, but with most boss enemies it won’t make a difference (on its own). Is there anything more?

Demon Aspects of Brimorak, Succubus and Incubus also aid casters during demonic rage. And it goes without saying that Demon Lord Aspects are beyond just powerful at 8th mythic rank and up.

Demonic Charge not only teleports you. But it also deals 2d6 AoE unholy damage per mythic rank. Both at the targeted location, as well as on the location you teleported from.


Yeah Azata gets a huggge power spike around M4 when you start getting these spells and your first super power. The flavor is definitely a turn off for some, though. They can also hand out teamwork feats to the whole squad and hold off everyone’s death for a few rounds.

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Trickster gets a lot more than that lol.

Aeonbane is superstrong tho and even procs on each Ray of Scorching Ray. Also has great Immunities starting right at the first level and eventually extending to your team.

Yeah, not too good when you are Conjurer with blocked Evocation school. Plus, this ability was fixed only very recently.

I acknowledge it has decent immunities. This mythic path starts very slow and kinda becomes workable by the very end. However, compared to power-trip that are Angel, Azata and especially Lich it is kinda meh, especially for casters.

Can you elaborate? What more does he get?

Best Dispel (only guaranteed) in the game .

You can look up the rest but that would be enough.

Several unique abilities which is ultimately what you’re looking for in a game with regular bonuses out there wazoo.

I reread this entry and it downed on me - it actually would enable me to cast 3 spells per turn - one as swift action (e.g. from quickened metamagic rod), one as move action and one as standard action. Wow, that’s pretty OP.

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I’ll be honest my lawful heart still goes towards Angel path. But angel cannot merge his spellbook with arcane caster’s. A question - is there even a point creating arcane angel, or is selecting this path is super-sub optimal for arcane spellcasters? I could see only 2 boosts to spellcasting - 1. lowering spell resistance and saving throws of enemies 2. quickened spell of levels 7 and lower. But it seems to me without spellbook merging, especially damaging spells are nearly useless. Or am I wrong?

I am thinking about Core difficulty or higher.

A few other potential benefits: Sword of heaven adds some bonus damage to spells; you can change all your spell damage to divine damage; and you can get some divine spells on your arcane caster without the need to go mystic theurge. Even as a separate book the Angel book is nothing to sneeze at - the party wide defensive buffs are a big quality of life improvement that is hard to replicate.

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Do you happen to know how class levels and spell penetration work for non-merged spell books? I know that with merged ones you get boost to CL and also spell penetration - is it also the case with non-merged? How does Strom bolt behave? Does it take into account only my class level, or class level and mythic path rank, as with merged spell book?

The trickster has some… interesting synergies regarding your other teammates as in extra feats. Have a look at rank 2 & 3 mythic tricks and you can abuse (as befits a trickster defying all reality) these mythic tricks and feats with some good old retraining @ Hildor. Also, you can get a wizard (int based) spell book; would be a good opportunity to find out if it stacks with your former one, since the new one has no excluded schools.

How does that wizard spell book work? Is that what Infuse Magic Device 3 does?

IIRC for non-merged books your CL equals your mythic rank * 2, for a total of 20 CL at mythic rank 10 and the save DC = 10 + spell level + mythic rank. For Angel a lot of the path specific spells ignore SR and still do significant if not all damage on a successful save though so it only really matters for the generic cleric spells that come with the non merged book.

Hmm, but I guess you lose 20 + 10 CL obtained through combining the books, right?

I kinda wish merging spellbooks was possible for all spellcasting classes, though I admit it makes more sense for Lich (since it is a template in P&P available to all classes) than for Angel.