Adding addons on portal $ = €?

Hi, i added some items on the backer portal. The cart shows:

Total price:


When i press the “PAY” button it gets me to the country select and paypal pay site. There and on paypal it show then

Total price


Since € isnt = $ i guess theres something going wrong.



Do you have “Pay in foreign currency” enabled for PayPal at all?
That might have some relevance to this issue, however that’s just a maybe… more likely is that, indeed, the Backer Portal is just wrongly forwarding the number itself with no regard to currency conversion rates.

But that said, if you tell PayPal you’d want to pay in USD, that might be the workaround.

I dont know if there is an option on Paypal for that but i paid multiple times in the foreign currency over Paypal in the last years (mostly for Kickstarter). So it should work anyway.

Sadly the 107€ is locked on the Paypal site i get to. If i put US in the country setting it states $107 but i dont want it to go wrong somehow without an official reply.

Still good thinking :+1:

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It seem you are right:

Subtotal €15.00 EUR
Total €15.00 EUR
Payment €15.00 EUR

So it take bit more then it should have taken, 15€ instead of 15$. (It should have been around 13.9€ or so)

select USA it then charges you in $ rather than Euro, i upgraded so wasn’t going to pay the extra to pay in Euros as its was quite a bit at a higher a tier.

seems like its fixed :+1: