Add Milani as a deiety for divine casters

Please add Milani as a deiety we can select for our divine casters.

Some common facts about her:

The Everbloom

Chaotic Good

Chaos, Good, Healing, Liberation, Protection

Hope, Devotion, Uprisings

Rose on bloody street

Sacred Colors:
Red, white

Why do I want her to be implemented into the game?

Milani, seems a very good fit for WotR. She stands against evil, tyranny and for portection and therefore very well fits the concept of a crusade. She sees Iomaedae as her big sister and temples of Iomedae often have a small shrine inside for the worship of Milani, so hints of her can easily be implemented in the game. Including her might also give nice dialog options with Seelah a Paladin of Iomedae. Milani is one of my favourite deities in all of pathfinder and it would make me sad to not see her implemented.

Yet she is the beacon of hope and everyone who wants to see her in WOTR can offer support here in this thread :smiley:

some sources:


I want to see more deities and pseudo-deities added in general, particularly ones that are unique to specific races and regions. I’d love to have a character that worships some fringe deity like Ghlaunder, Groetus, or Lamashtu and I’d also love to see deity-specific side quests you can get if you worship them.

What’s the point of adding more meaningless fluff to the game, a new god will have no affect on the game outside the charcter screen.

And that’s all the effect it really needs to have.

Thats true and perfectly okay from your point if you don’t ephasise rollplay or worldbuilding, but it would make other people who have a favorite deiety, or some idea of a character they want to play, where a certain god would fit perfectly into their back story, very happy! :slight_smile:

They did a good job in the alpha by expanding the pantehon with some of your mentioned ones, but one or two I would still love to see added and Milani is my number one choice! <3

Am I wrong, or won’t they be providing modding tools/access so the community can easily add things like this on its own?

They’re going to provide “mod support” but we don’t have any information about how robust it’ll be. If it’s something as simple as Steam Workshop integration (which is likely all it’ll be) then it won’t make it easier for community to create mods, it’ll just make it easier to download them.

Owlcat added 4 Deities to WotR. All 4 are Chaotic Evil. Groetus was removed. Id be nice if Alignments that have the fewest choices get added some Deities to fill the slots. This is the current Deity distribution, sorted by most Deities:
6 - Chaotic Evil (new: Baphomet, Deskari, Kabriri, Lamashtu)
3 - Lawful Good, True Neutral
2 - all other Alignments (removed: Groetus)

Alpha spoiler

Alas, all demon lord deities will be removed from the player choices. That was already confirmed pretty early on in the testing phase. They will still be in the game files, as those deities are used by enemies inside WotR. But will become inaccessible to the players. The release build will have probably the same amount of deities as Kingmaker had.

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great instead of adding useless fluff they should make sure the choice actually affects dialogue.

Well the gods I want to see in WotR are Ydersius or Nalinivati