Add import system

Hello. Can you add import system like was in icewind dale and baldurs gate ? I want replay my game as main character again and again. Please.
There no mods for import.

WotR starts at level 1 again. Owlcat already confirmed previously that it won’t be possible to import existing Kingmaker characters.

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It is easy enough to simply build the same character. In fact you can sometimes correct mistakes that you made on the original character. And if you’re not sure what the original character was you can look back at the character you made in kingmaker just to make sure that you’re making the same character.


In my opinion a character import only makes sense when there’s a continuation in the story and the way you/your character played and made decisions has an effect to the new game. (This was implemented in Pillars of Eternity.)

If the game designers do not plan such a continuation it’s the easiest way to recreate your character - as @trappedinacurse suggested. I even do that across games - if possible I usually make the first playthrough of a new game as a ranger. :bow_and_arrow:

I made a similar request on the Kickstarter page but I figured this is the place to detail how I would like a system to work ideally.

TL:DR Make a custom character template that can be exported/imported.

First I would like to access the character creation menu outside of the New Game or Leveling Up menu. Ideally this would be a menu on the title screen that would give you the ability to preview all 20 levels.

Second I would like to be able to save at minimum the first level template of any characters created with that menu. This would allow me to at least save details like portraits, race, stat blocks, and class.

Third, if possible, I would like the ability to save custom 20 level character templates. Much like in PF:K where you can choose to use the easy leveling option and have a character follow a predetermined leveling path, I would like to be able to create a template that I could assign to a New Game character or mercenary and then not worry about.

Forth, I would like to be able to export an existing character into a custom template.

Many of these ideas could be combined and I don’t think they would be that much more work to implement. For example, when importing a character for a new game using a custom template, the game could simply assign the custom template to the main character and then set all the options for level 1 but wait for the player to finalize the character. I the player make any essential changes that are incompatible with the custom template the template is removed. Custom templates already exist in some fashion as companions have them.

TL:DR Make a custom character template that can be exported/imported.