About Echo of Deskari in act 4

I was just getting into the portal to continue on my main quest and the dialog tells me:
“Anxiety rises in your heart. Your enemy, the Echo of Deskari, hasn’t gotten the punishment that he deserves.And his victim, kidnapped from the Shrine of Pulura, hasn’t been saved. How can the one who has the Light ofHeaven inside her leave before saving a friend and stopping a villain?”
But i didn’t have any Angel Mythic Path quest in act4,and Talona didn’t show up too.I saved her on act3 .
Did i do anything wrong or is this a rara bug?

You should meet her outside the first portal you came through in the lower city. You escort her to the Echo’s lair if I remember right.

This is assuming that you are on the angel path, naturally.

I am on the angel path but she didn’t show up.
It must be a bug then

And she’s not at the nexus camp near the hand of the inheritor?

Maybe its because I failed the quest “The road to Good and justice”?

Yeah, that might do it.