A wishlist after hundreds of hours

I realize it’s too late for a wishlist, since the next (last?) update is already in beta. But, I made notes during long hours of gameplay and wanted to complete the process by posting them here.

Character creation:

  • filter portraits by gender or race
  • more portraits, lots and lots more portraits (fulfilled by user content for now)
  • SAVE: allow exporting a character at the final screen
  • LOAD: allow importing a character file at the first screen


  • allow multiple Light spells at once

Rest/Camp screen:

  • MUCH more obvious graphics depicting if hunt/no-hunt is actually the selected option. I frequently have to toggle between them just to tell which is “active”.

Trade screen:

  • options to sell all Books or Ingredients (they add weight and usually serve no purpose to me)

RNG loot:

  • random loot that slightly favors weapons already in use by the party
    (so, creating a character around a concept is much more feasible than currently, progressing +n weapons that simply aren’t available elsewhere)

Really like your ideas!, all of it is what i want in the game to ?

portraits was an issue to me in the first game, always ending up with soemthing i didnt like or didnt match the hero.

and to be able to filter it is amazing. if we could.


I really like that idea. What I mean is, atleast have an option. We have now like 16-core/32-thread CPU’s with option to have like 256+Gb RAM and who know how many TB of SSD/HD space out there.

True, if you try to play the game in PS3, PS4 or PS5 later or using older dual core CPU’s with maybe only 2Gb of RAM old GPU’s with 512MB of RAM and so on… …you need to cut extras. But IF you have best of the best computer money can buy (or your dad or who ever sponsor you) then why not?

More options is good. If most people can not right now use 8K resolution (or even 4K) in the future they will. If most people can not even run the game if every single building in the city is at fire, every people in city and party members have a torch / light spell in use it would still be (atleast in benchmark purposes or so) good idea to have option for it.

Naturally what I just wrote is too much, but idea stands. When we have new 3950XT processors and coming Zen 3 generation of CPU’s, soon to become GXT 3000 serie then it would be good idea to have option to later even at year let’s say 2030, 2040 and so on to play these games and still be bit impressed “wow, they did use video option to watch ingame animation at 8K” instead of “look they only used 640x480 video for intro, even my cell phone can not play it anymore”

I like some of those ideas. I’ll refrain from adding more, except perhaps a couple that are on topic.

For the trade, while the transfer could be easier, I’d also rather have specialized merchants: it’s not normal that I can sell swords to an inn keeper or potatoes to a smithy, or at least at the same universal price.

Ah, the light spells! If I’m not mistaken, it is currently not possible to dispel those lights, which would be handy to sneak when necessary. If there are multiple ones, it would be nice to get a per-character dispel. Actually, I didn’t realize only one was possible, I’m used to send a rogue ahead, and one “light” in the main group behind. It’s true that it’s sometimes quite dark for the rogue, but then again I’m afraid a light would give him away :wink:

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I would want this

  1. stacking only for same weapon and armor in stash (this might conflict with location of loot on bottom)
  2. able to see what prestige class abilities

I agree about portraits. More options for the various archetypes would be good, even if that meant having a second tier of portraits with somewhat lower detail and quality than the ones used for important NPCs.

As to weapon drops, it’s certainly strange to have so many class features and feats built around specific weapon types while also making upgrades so inconsistent. Other than tailoring drops to the party, another idea might be an artisan who can alter the weapon type of a particular drop, while keeping the bonuses. This could at least work for regular enhancements, like +1/+2/+3, etc. It wouldn’t have to apply to every unique weapon.