A way to get extra coin?

So is there a temporary way to get extra coin even in beta? I mean im so upset that I can NOT afford some of these good weapons and armor atm and having no coin sucks so does anyone know a temp way to edit coin in til we get something when launch happens? Not saying I like to cheat its just shitty that when you see a sword that costs 70000 coin and you have no where near that at all and when you need to also get weapons and armor for your companions.

This is like… 90% of what makes the dex based monk dip builds so good. You don’t need to buy crap in the way of armor… like… ever.

There are a couple of tricks I’ve picked up for the early game:

  1. During the prologue savescum the diplomacy roll with Horgus. This is worth 1000 coins. A harder roll happens at the start of act 1 that you should savescum for the same value, 1000 coins.

  2. Savescum the diplomacy roll for the thieflings. After pointing out the traitor there are back to back diplomacy rolls and if you pass both of them you get 1500 coins and the sniper ring. Also Finnean exists now which I give to Camillia as a rapier, but he should take care of your sword saint exotic weapon needs since the starting chest is broke as hell.

  3. Loot everything, particularly during the prologue. It will automatically punt you out in defenders heart at the beginning of act 1. There are a few fights during acts 1 and 2 that, once the fights end, you won’t be able to loot the bodies (Defender’s Heart siege and Zacharius’ Cemetary). Make sure to loot the bodies before the fight ends (use turn based mode briefly before the last enemy/boss goes down). I’m sure there are other fights that do this later on as well.

  4. Now, with all that loot, how do you travel? Bull’s Strength, Enlarge person, Multi-class into animal companions… there are a lot of options, but usually you’re looking at a few trips to Market Square. You’re visiting there at least twice if you want to do the Azata path unlock…

  5. There are a few ‘must buys’ in every act.

Act 1: Buy Icy Protector Ring for Camillia (Visally), Lesser Bag of Holding (Uhh… vampire barkeep. He also has a cooking recipe). Joran Vahne has nothing worth buying. Yeah, Detainer is funny with snapshot… but the only playthru that I picked it up I had a mob fly away into the sub-ocean and it was never seen again, which means I lose money, which means that crossbow is a no go.

By the end of Act 1 if you sell absolutely everything that’s not nailed down and buy those two items you should have like 20-30k. I’m sure there’s a list of scrolls you need to pick up from Visally as well for Nenio and Woljiff, but when you only slot 4 spells of any given level… you get what you need by leveling up.

Act 2: Immediately blow your load on the Wide Sweep Scythe (Wilcer). This weapon is an army killer. Give it to a cleave specialist with Enlarge person on 24hour mode and watch as things just explode.

Beyond that… make a dedicated buff bot character that has Greater Enduring spells and Archmage armor to save on chest armor/bracers of armor. Drezen will test you since most of your builds don’t come online till after that.

Running a meta build helps because they’re either built around a weapon (like wide sweep) or require literally no gear to be successful.

Edit: Thanks for the like. Also another thing to remember: Never; and I mean NEVER, spend a dime on crusade funds or materials. I know it’s tempting to get them early clerics out the door… but trust me… you won’t need it once you start facerolling demon armies. Especially now that the resurrection/infirmary mechanic is online. In Kingmaker buying BP with GP was almost required because you were on a much tighter doomsday clock. This here crusade? This is a leisurely stroll compared to KM’s death march.

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If you refuse to do it then he will raise the price too. If you both skill check and refuse he will give 2300 gold altogether.

you can always just start taking a walk in the city in act one, you get encounters, some of which involve cleric cambion that happen to have a a bunch of magical items worth decent money.

as fas as i know there is no time limit to doing the grey garrison after you finish everything else. so just take a walk around and kill stuff.

same goes before drezen, make sure you kill every single demon army, get all the loot. during drezen wilcer will appear to sell/buy, so you can also get all the crap around the map and sell it to him.