A true Normal/Core rules Difficulty Setting

In Kingmaker, I was disappointed that there was no Difficulty Setting that was really by the Core rules.

  • Normal had reduced enemy damage ;
  • Challenging had tougher enemies.
  • I had to customize to have normal damage, etc. There was no difficulty setting between the easier “Normal” and tougher Challenging (?).

I suggest a setting called Core or Normal where damage and other stats are like the actual rules and the game would be balanced for those settings.

ps: Even if I find Critical hits excessively damaging in Pathfinder 1st ed. I would just choose Core and reduce the Criticals.

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Ps : I am aware this may be your plan already ; just not totally clear to me for the moment.

Mmmh, there is a “hard-core” setting in the alpha, I’m pretty sure, which is the closest to the rules. In the survey, if you said you chose that setting, there was a new question about how you felt about it being close enough to tabletop.

Did not know that : thank you.
I read the crowdfunding page, watched a few videos and searched here. Where can we follow the development “updates” or dev blog ?

Outside of Kickstarter updates and a few videos on their YouTube page - which so far have mostly just had a few preview or recordings of their Twitch Q&As - there’s not a lot for us to see right now. Nobody is allowed to post recordings or screenshots of the Alpha content, since there’s a lot of missing features and placeholders so Owlcat wants to keep that stuff controlled so people don’t misunderstand what the videos have. A few games journalists got to record and post some pre-alpha gameplay on YouTube, but it’s still pre-alpha and recordings by journalists rushing to get through a lot of content from a game they haven’t spent much time playing to they can finish the demo.

In a couple of months when they start to release Beta builds or more in-depth previews, games journalists, streamers, and YouTubers might be able to show some more detailed information, and Owlcat should probably put out some more trailers and Twitch streams of their own. It’s just going to take a while until they can get some of the graphics and new features better implemented.

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Hm, but isn’t the fact that you could customise it to your favorite settings something extremely positive, instead of being forced to choose between three basic settings that you have zero influence on?

And besides, you musn’t forget that it is pretty much impossible to just transplant PnP core rules 1:1 to a videogame, that just doesn’t work… there needs to be a quite significant amount of adaption every single time to ensure an enjoyable and most importantly persistent result.

In videogames, there is no DM to spontaneously react to unfolding events in real-time, to correct unforeseen issues, etc… so you can’t just take rules that are by design meant to include a very large amount of interpretative leeway for the DM and stick them onto a videogame.

The result of that would pretty much always be an unfair, if not unbeatable game, because you cannot just ask your DM if it were okay to aim your fireball at the ceiling to crush the mighty Troll that you’d otherwise have no chance of defeating, or get your DM’s okay to just “skip” the slog back to the Village to rest and back to the encounter area again and just “say” you rested.

I see your points, but it was surprising to see :
a) You receive less damage ;
b) You receive more damage
c) But no Normal setting in between unless you create a custom set-up.
I would expect the basic game balance to have normal damages done and received.

I understand that, after their play-testing before launch, they calculated that the average player, notably those with less experience with the system, needed a small advantage to make it less deadly; and therefore the Normal Difficulty option was tweaked down a bit.

The Normal has reduced damage because the number of encounters that you face in these CRPGs is much higher than PF standard.

Not saying that they shouldn’t give a RAW option; just giving you the background.

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Yep, agreed Grifa. Though I am not very far (just level 2), I have already noticed it is quite hard in the great wild! (The tutorial was a breeze though since I had an Animal Companion.)

I think (and this is just my personal opinnion) that IF there would be “CORE” or “Normal” setting it would easily lead huge complains from people who think “I have played ALL games atleast Hard / Normal”.

Now when they try “core” or “normal” P&P rules it came as huge shock that one critical hit might just kill they PC. And it can happen quite often. So “game is not balanced, it is unfair”.

If I remember it right developers actually changed names of the difficulty sliders in Kingmaker so (“normal”) player were happier because game was bit easier but still did not read something like “less then CORE” or “Less then Normal” P&P ruleset.

After all most people do not really think that pretty much every area and encounter should need thinking, buffing and use of allkind of magic and strategy. Not just “auto attack”.

All in all, I am not 100% happy with no “Core rules” difficulty button but if I can easily still change setting so that they are as near core P&P ruleset as possible then I do not complain. Specially becouse I do realize that by making it that way game sell WAY more. What mean in long shot that I will get more Pathfinder (computer) RPG’s to play with.

Heck, I even played this Alpha test using recommended “normal” game setting. Take still nearly 70 hour for me and I did not had to make reloads because of dying or so. So yes, it is definetly easier but if you have not played P&P games or even much of computer RPG’s before it is “hard enough” for new player.

The thing is, one may play with the “core” rules, they will not play the normal Pathfinder experience in this game. There a lot more encounters than in most PnP campaigns, so it is way deadlier to play with core rules than it is in PnP. To compensate, they reduce the difficulty. They also reduce the XP you gain from encounters, for all difficulty levels.

hardcore doesn’t sounds right. usually hardcore means very hard. perhaps a difficult above normal that call “Core Rules”. that will be nice.

Yeah, sorry, I wrote that from memory. It’s actually called “core”, and lies between “daring” and “hard”.