A New player survey! Help us to improve the First Chapter.

Another day — another survey! This time it is about the first chapter of the game.
And thank you for participating in the previous survey — it provided a lot of interesting and useful data.


All done :smiley:

Wait… there is nothing wrong with Chapter 1. If you want to improve a chapter, Varnhold one can use some help. Vordekai dungeon has too many copy/pasted encounters and Vordekai fight is a pushover.

Noting wrong with chapter 1 yes. But there are a few ideas that might still improve it.
Remember most people do not play games more then 20-30 minutes and first impression is waaaay important.

Kingmaker has a good start true. But there are a few points that could make it perfect.

Done. :slight_smile:

I think the starting difficulty could be fine-tuned. Pathfinder is a party game. But because the initial party composition is determined by the dialogue choices, which you won’t know ahead when playing first time, it’s possible to end up with a very suboptimal team in the beginning.

A good example would be Baldur’s Gate 2, imo. You start out with companions that cover all areas (fighting, thievery, arcane and divine magic). No matter what class you play, your party has your back, and the starting dungeon is long enough to learn the ropes. By comparison in Pathfinder you start out with a bard and a sorcerer. And by the time you’ve acquired a full party, the intro is almost over. On my initial playthrough, I’ve felt like there was not enough time to learn the basics, before you’re out adventuring with a (seemingly random) party not of your choosing.

Done and done :slight_smile: