A lot of new issue


Unfortunatly , The last patch introduced more bug than fix. First time i see a patch with that many known issue. I believe that you need to hire more personal so you don’t end up with patch that make your customer so angry. Was happy that i could finally progress with swarm until i find out that i dont get retrain for my mythic and also i the fact that you completly ruined the option to retrain with hilor. (can’T choose swarm) I also tested retrain with my lich and you cannot not even get out of the new interface that you added . Way to go yesterday was able to test build and today not anymore. Wait a bit longer before releasing more broken feature.

Have a nice day even if you ruined mine !

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Probably the super common bug since last patch yesterday (occurs after levelling) and is mentioned at the top of the patch notes.

Try : Open and close your Inventory once or twice to fix that UI bug.
Maybe though the bug after retraining is different.

EDIT - HOTFIX released now (late Sept.15, 2021) on Steam should fix it.