A level cap of 30

I think if would be fun to have more level in WotR. This game sound more and more epic so it be pretty epic to surpass level 20.
To make easier on the Dev your attack rolls and skill don’t increase pass 20 just feats and what ever skill of the class your level up. with on exception if you where to say level 20 wizard and level 10 fighter your attack roll would be upgraded to level 10 fighter. I don’t think it make the character to overpowered with few exter feat and abilities,
I don’t know if other people want more level but for me there are some class combination i like to try but always feel like it just better stay with base class i leveling.
An example is the scaled fist Monk i like to put some level in dragon disciple. Dragon disciple but it to great of a sacrifice to levels into. You hurt the monk abilities and damage if you don’t level in monk. Have a few more level would allow tapped into dragon disciple while leveling.
One my favorite class was the Aldori sword lord class a prestige class. when is started with class Aldori defender class. I just like to finish level the aldori defender class there if a lot great abilities that just sound fun in building my character.I would make and already fun class to play more epic.
Look i know this one person desire for the game but i think there a lot a fun in giving that a few more level. I think the more creative, experience person could make some interesting builds but i also believe this make it a little easier for casual player to make the character they want. Owlcat game is add alot of new classes to game so 10 level would the players experiment more.

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There are only 20 levels in Pathfinder.

This is sort of in place already in Wrath because you have 20 class levels and 10 mythic levels (iirc).


The mythic system is completly seperate from the level ups.

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Levels over twenty are indeed epic. Video games love doing epic levels differently, see Neverwinter Nights and its sequel. Knights of the Chalice 2 is also going to support epic levels.

There are no epic levels in Pathfinder

But mythic path can progress your spellcasting. Angel with full Divine Caster and Lich with full Arcane Caster can even go for 10th level spells. And some increase your BAB. Bards will be able to get 7th level spells too for example.

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The best dandy games house rule, and sometimes homebrew.

And I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t quite like epic levels. Although NWN 1 and 2 had good epic level modules.

This sounds like a mod.

The main issue is that it’s not just changing a 20 to a 30. There is no content fit for anything above level 20. Hell, there’s barely any content fit for anything at level 20. They would have to spend a bunch of time building monsters to match the level, or just add more of the same monsters to encounters, which would turn them into boring slug fests.

Pathfinder never published anything for 21+, that did mythic levels. D&D3.5 did 21+ they are different things.

Or hp bloat fest, heh. Extra credit for stat inflation.

I don’t think the have to hp bloat or change monster. really have to give extra attack, hp, or stats. All those thing would end at 20. This coming someone who only pathfinder experience is pathfinder king maker. Personally i was think more about the traits form different classes. Like the example i used of the monk and dragon disciple. The way i am looking at it you get some armor and some strength. For me that mean i put my level stats point into say charisma and let dragon disciple pump up my strength. I really don’t see a few extra feat and trait would change the game to dramatically

It wouldnt work as the character would be too OP. However there was a game were it worked, Planescape Torment.

You could become a 20th level Fighter, 20th level Wizard and 20th level Thief, however you always used only 1 of the 3 Class features. Still, some features were shared like Weapon Proficiency and Hit Points so it was worthwhile to get some levels as Fighter then have a more Dagger proficient Thief or a more durable Wizard for instance.

For it to work in this game the workhours to add this feature would far outweight the benefit it would bring. You would not only respec but completely switch your level 1 Class BUT still retain some features like Weapon Proficiency so unclear how it would work.

It’s understandable why there’s a demand: Pools of Darkness, The Dark Queen of Krynn, Throne of Bhaal, Hordes of the Underdark, Mask of the Betrayer, and (in a few years) Heart of Evil are all high level content. One would think that Mythic Paths would scratch that itch though, but :woman_shrugging:. Either way, Owlcat is clearly not doing either Gold Box or Neverwinter Nights. Given the popularity of adventure paths, it’s quite understandable. Still would like full party creation pathfinder game myself, but niche is niche. At least we’re getting awesome FPC OGL games like Knights of the Chalice 2, Realms Beyond, Solasta, and The Fellowship Saga.

Want to tell more from that one?
I mean Mythic levels do get level up just like regular leveling do.
You get your level up, you choose your path and what you get. They are not “completely seperate” as I see it.

They are more powerfull and give you totally different type of feats / skills / abilities then normal level up yes.

They are a seperate system since you get you mythic level on level 4.

Ah, so you mean they are like prestige classes because you can not take them either from level 1. I guess you are kind of right. But with mythic levels you DO get level cap of 30 instead of level cap of 20 (like you would have if you choose to take prestige class)

I think @Dodo1610 means that they are not gained from experience but from a parallel system (the story itself), and are gained regardless of your actual level. In this regard, they are a different system than normal leveling-up. They do no increase BAB, HD, Saves, or skill ranks, although they may give abilities that will offer some boni to those.
Of course, in most other regards, they are effectively like normal levels, as you pointed out (they give you new abilities and Feats) and have “levels”.


Which epic levels tend to, yes. Also feats and ability scores. NWN2 increased attacks per round too, heh. KotC2 looks like five hp per level, ability scores increases, feats every third after 21, and certain class features. Has no multiclassing though.