A Few Suggestions for WotR Development

Hi this thread will be a transfer of my suggestions from my previous thread:
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With a few alterations and removals for WotR based on the Development on the game.

(1) Need more facial options for our characters in-game model, can be difficult to get the face we want on our character in game.

(2) Need more racial feats to add to the character so the our character can have more options. (This might already be added due to the ‘More Features For Each Race’ Stretch Goal.)

(3) Need more ‘Familiar’ options and if possible access to the ‘Improved Familiar’ Feat. (Like to have my Aasimar to have access to a celestial familiar)

(4) Need more ‘Animal Companion’ options and if possible access to ‘Animal Companion’ Archetypes. (Could be added due to the 'Evolving Animal Companions’ Stretch Goal.)

(5) Not sure if this option is already in place but like the option to pick a Deity for a Non-Divine class. (Just because a character doesn’t get powers from a deity doesn’t make a character a non-religious character)

(6) This can be for the Tieflings as well, if possible would like access to ‘Non-Human Aasimar’ humans seem be the standard, but considering the rules and lore of Pathfinder, nothing stopping access to different racial body types.

(7) This can be for the Tieflings & Dhampirs as well, so the Aasimar Heritages would like more character model options. (For example those of ‘Agathion-Blooded’ heritage has access to animal-like physical traits.)

(8) I’m sure you probably received many requests for more Arcane Sub-schools, Bloodlines, Classes, Class Archetypes, Domains & Sub-domains, Elemental Arcane Schools, Prestige Classes and Races. So might as well put it all in one question.

(9) Would like Deities from other Pantheons as well as races specific Deities and the Demigods Faiths like the Archdevils, Demon lords, Eldest, Elemental Lords, Empyreal Lords and the ‘The Elder Mythos’ for example.

(10) This is minor but for the ‘Bestiary’ section would like maybe a quill drawn picture or some sort a art of the creature in the description.

I think that is it… If anything else come to mind I will add to it later.

I don’t think #5 would be a good idea since that would potentially lock you into poor domains if you subsequently leveled up as a cleric or inquisitor, like the rest of the suggestions though.

I can see it being a bad idea if you look at it from a character build perspective but from a roleplaying perspective it can be important for example in situations where you are dealing with a npc from the same faith as you or a faith that is a enemy of yours.

Fully on board with Number 6.

(11) The ‘Intelligent Weapon’ Stretch goal if possible should have the Transformative & Greater Transformative weapon special abilities. This is so players can have it be the right build for their character, though so it isn’t the ultimate weapon for the party the choice should either bind it to the main character or companion.

(12) The Oread will need more descent options
for appearances for the standard Oread and ‘Gemsoul’ and ‘Ironsoul’ Alternate Elemental Heritages so they can be displayed properly based on lore.

I wish to be a Fire Genasi Orc or Duergar.

That would be metal.