A few questions about using some of the spells & Abilities

Ok I am an old guy (71) and have played pretty much every Isometric RPG I’ve found since the mid 90’s and I am especially drawn to those based on DnD altho I have never played Tabletop. (Also rarely played multi)

This game is feeling very familiar in spite of never playing Pathfinder rule set before but I am having some trouble making some things work and I have not yet found anything online that gets that basic in explaining specific things that have been stumping me.

Take the daze spell for instance - when I try to use it in battle the intuitive thing would be to click on the spell then click on the target then unpause but many times when I click on the target I get an X on the cursor. This also occurs trying to get my tanks to charge and I can’t figure out what the parameters are that are stopping me from implementing these types of things.

The description for many items, spells, and abilities are often quite vague (as usual in these games like it’s going to come to you in your dreams once the nooby-ness wears off LOL! )

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A spell like daze has a lot of restriction but it’s cantrip, a lvl0 spell with unlimited use.

Of course the description could be better and simpler but everything is there.

  • Only target humanoid
  • Target must be level 4 or less(Hit dice is mostly the same as level). Use ‘Y’ or toggle the eye icon in the bottom left of the screen to inspect enemies character sheet.

If the target don’t fill those 2 criteria above, then the target will have a X when trying to cast Daze on him/her.

I often use this site when wondering about rules, mechanics or any questions in general about the PnP game. https://www.d20pfsrd.com/
Or a google search, for example: ‘‘D20 humanoid’’
The majority of the rules/mechanics will be the same for the video game.


As for the “charge” button, you can only charge when there are no obstacle in a direct line from your charging character to his target. Also, the terrain must be smooth (no “difficult terrain”, that some spells may apply, but also some mere naturally rocky terrain or something).

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Have the exact same issue not being to much into all the terms and rules my self. Especially when one of your characters have some sort of debuff, like “Blindness sickness” one would assume that you could get rid of it, with either “Remove sickness” or “Cure blindness”… .but nope you have to use “Heal” :smiley:

Would be very helpful if any debuff wrote what could remove them I think, or if you hover over a spell that need a specific target like, Dispel magic that it would highlight those for which it could potentially work.

Lots of the spells and abilities, I have no clue what does.

But one advice is to really read the whole description, because even though it might say creature in the first line, it might only be humanoid when you read the description.