A "Bug" just for me

Hello All of You,

hope you are healthy (sry for my english, i am german) in this corona-times.

I have bought Pathfinder Kingmaker a month ago and i really love it, but in cant play with any sound. I am suffering of Misophonia (i send no link to wikipedia because of security and NO, its not fun or a joke) and cant stand hearing persons drinking or eating. The persons in the group are always drinking and its driving me mad. I dont know how to stop that sound, its not music or ambientnoises or something else i can stop, i have to stop all sound and thats a pity.

I am not a programmer, just a Gamer. I thought, maybe its one sound-file (or more than one), that can be replaced with another like a singing bird (or a file that actually does no sound at all). I think the program wants to play a sound file and doesnt care which. If i will hear a singing bird instead of a drinking person (or nothing at all) i could put on the sound, which i really like, music and surrounding etc. It would be enough for me if you tell me the exact name of the sound-file and the place and one of them in can replace with. I will do it then on my own risk.

In this times no one wonders (hm, i hope so) if the answer would take a while, im patient and playing without sound until then (but i miss it).

Thank you for your help and thank you all for this game.



No answer is the worst answer, so dont be disabled, its not a good idea.