A better display of the attacks we do?


i’m currently experimenting with a hagbound witch, that goes into bloodrager, vivisectionist and dragon disciple to get the maximum amount of claws and bites and tail attacks possible. It’s a bit hard to comprehend my current attacks from the character sheet. And even in the combat log it’s not always easy because i first have to find enemies that are strong enough to help me understand what i’m doing. Maybe i’m even overlooking this functionality ingame and it’s already there. But if not, my suggestion would be:

Can we have a tooltip text, like for armor class and so on, that shows the exact number of attacks for a round as a list, including the type of the attack(weapon, unarmed, claw, bite, tail) and also the damage(and damage type) our character currently has?


Agree - this would really be helpful!

I am pretty sure the combat log has text of the form “Attack 1 out of 6”. It is difficult to see out of combat though.

Also, its not hard to compute. Bite attacks stack (although they shouldn’t according to PnP rules), other natural attacks don’t, haste gives +1 primary attack.

Yeah, but knowing these things is not a part of the minimum requirements to play this game. It would really help a lot to see through the rules i think.

Not only the amount of attacks is important, but also the exact damage type and how the bonuses apply. Some natural attacks(secondary) get a -5 penalty. Some don’t get the full strength bonus. Some no bonus at all. From all those claws and bites often hard to grasp which exact kind of damage i make in what situation.

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just curious: what kind of natural attack(s) does hagbound witch get? so far i thought that wolf-scarred oracle was the best starting-point to jump into this (at the same time dumping DEX and replace with CHA with nature’s whispers)

A pure hagbound witch gets 1d4 claws at level 1. And she gets a bite at around 10 or 12 from a curse. But she also gets a size increase and a str bonus at 2 and more at later levels. As i understand this mechanic it brings your BAB on par with other medium-bab melee damage dealers. When you get the transformation-spell you even have the BAB of a fighter.

Sadly all other natural attack classes /races are not very well balanced. All that are in the game are either based on charisma or even take away int. Like the strength mutagen or the motherless tiefling. Really sad. I’m not seeing how this class could ever work as a melee on higher difficulties.

Which class ability makes her BAB higher? Does she qualify for higher feats and more attacks on that way?

Hagbound witch gets a size bonus to str.
If the rules are applied correctly it should not stack with things like enlarge person because this is also a size bonus. Since you want to enlarge melee chars anyway the witch bonus does not seem to be very helpful.

Many classes can get claws, so I think witch is a bad choice to start a melee char.
Hagbound gets claws instead of hex, so no iceplant AC for you.

I agree with the OP that natural attacks should be displayed better.
I made a bloodrager who can get up to 14 attacks per round if my calculations are correct, but I could not test it.
Some of my attacks are only active when you rage, so you would not see them normally in the character screen.

My suggestion to deal with OP’s issue and a large number of other issues arising from trying to piece together WTF is going on during a battle from the combat log is to add character filter buttons to it so that if you click one you get a list of all entries pertaining to that character alone.

At the moment there’s so much information in it that it can make you go cross-eyed and give you a headache trying to figure out if someone landed a spell, got hit with a spell, is consistently failing to hit a target or whatever.

If I’m not mistaken PoE had this IIRC. It can be a godsend and it will also help players learn and become better at playing Pathfinder since it would be much easier to figure out why, for example, a character is under performing or if they need to employ a radically different approach to a tough encounter.

[edit] btw when I said “character” I meant “companion”, i.e. six buttons.

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