4-member vs 6-member party?

So, I am playing the game again (I am in Pitax part, but I am not going to finish it as I have just found that the decision i took in chapter 2 of the “undead elf” jaethal quest will affect a lot the end of the game - kind of things you might want to look again in PF2).

Anyway, the issue is that I almost never use Octavia due to micromanagement. I only use her for “haste”.

And I was thinking that if I had a 4 member party, maybe the micromanaging of arcane spellcasters is more doable.

Not much, it involves ending slide, and if Tristain and Jaethal fight each other. That definetly isn’t much of end game.

I think your issue might be more about the extra management needed for casters that prepare spells than party size.

I suggest using a sorcerer as the party “mage”.

I have respec mod and i have octavia as sorcerer, and same :). too much micro and too many enemies with magic resistance ultragood saves.

arcane casters are underwheleming except for haste.

The goal here is have fun. And full arcane casters do need optimized choice spells and feats to shine.

If you´re annoyed by this micromanagement, maybe you could drop Octavia.

Linzi can learn haste, have lot of skill ponts to cover thievery, and is better in combat (on top of the buff from songs).

Add Harrim (he´s easier to work with than Tristam) and 3 man-at-arms (maybe Valerie, Amiri and Ekun) and you´re with a powerful yet easy to manage 6-member party.