24/7 Fatigued and Exhausted

Can beneath stolen lands quest cause you to be permanently fatigued? I saw in the text something about recurring dream. Was it an update to the game? Resting just won’t work at all.

All I get when I google is the initial noob quest dealing with killing stag lord. I am far beyond that quest at lvl 10. I got desperate went 4 days across map exhausted talked to dragon rested still fatigued and exhausted…Really frustrating. Do you have to beat the quest exhausted? Do I have to restart the game or something? I’m not using Heroic spell that causes fatigue after you use it either.

Quests I have:

Varnhold Vanishings
The Lost Brother
Beneath Stolen Lands
The Price of Curiosity
Rocs Egg
Author Wanted

and several kingdom quests I don’t see being related to this at all.

Never mind. I see this is a bug and they have been able to recreate it and are trying to fix it. It also constantly spams immunity to things. Hope it gets fixed soon.