2.1 Release - Kingdom Screen on Linux with Controller is unusable/halts the game

Platform: Ubuntu 18.04 - Linux, using Steam Controller with GamePad default config.

Do you have any mods? No, fresh install.

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:

When opening the kingdom screen while in the new controller mode, all the hotkeys seem to be the same β€˜X’ key. The event counters for all categories are 1s, even though there are no events. It displays 999 villages, towns, and cities. Finally, no keys function and you cannot click on anything or leave the screen. The only actions that I can take are opening the game menu with the start button and clicking an option there (load game, etc).

Screenshot is attached.

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I can confirm the bug. I am using Xbox One Controller. Don’t have any mods.


Same bug on Debian Buster with XBOX 360 controller