2.1 Beta Swift Action Issues

I have been playing a bunch of the Tenebrous Depths lately, to test out the turn based combat.
During these play-throughs I have been noticing some issues with swift actions. Namely, arcane strike, magus enhance weapon ability, the bard archaeologists swift action “song”. Basically any swift action that I have run across wants to toggle on or off, instead of being able to click them. If they are toggled on, they do nothing. They don’t consume the swift action, neither do they activate. Sometimes they use a charge of the ability, sometimes they don’t.
Watching the combat log and doing the math myself, I can verify that the abilities are not activating.

Second quality of life issue i have run into, is that when you move you can and often do move into your action bar, making you unable to attack or cast a spell if you end up going through a touch of difficult or movement reduction areas. It would be nice to have you forced to stop at the end of the movement, and need to click movement again if you want to use your action to move.