(06-11-2020) Owlcat Dev Stream: Game Design Special Unofficial Transcription

Mine transcription of today’s (November the 6th, 2020) QA Livestream. I might have missed a couple of the questions and shortened the answers due to the multitasking though so feel free to correct that.
Link to the stream VOD.
There was an update on the tactical combat at the beginning of the stream so I’d suggest to watch that part if you want. New screenshot from that mode:

And now for the Q&A

  • When a character converts to Lich will it change Constitution to Charisma?
    When he’s fully transformed, it should be converted to the undead, so it should be (no definite answer though)
  • Will there be 100s of soldiers to control?
    Not from the start, but yes.
  • Question about Crusade: what can you tell us about resource management of the Crusade? Will we come across things like lumbermills, meadows with food to hunt down, abandoned gold mines, gem caravans and the likes?
    There will be some resources, yes. For example, more powerful units (like paladins) will need some resources.
  • Question about Crusades: will we have any kind of unique decrees or upgrades similar to the province upgrades we had in Kingmaker?
    There will be advisors, just like in PKM but they’ll be more helping with an army. For example, when upgrading an army you’ll be able to choose different unit.
  • How’s Initiative in tactical battle determined?
    Each unit type has different Initiative that determines the order of units.
  • Kineticist whips?
  • Is the battle system optional?
    Yes. If you want to stay with the base mechanics, you can do it the same as in PKM
  • Hold and Skip turn buttons during the tactical combat
  • I know this is still up in the air but how are unit stats such as health determined? Do they feature a general CON stat and then roll a health die based on their class?
    Individual unit has the same HP as their base unit in the game but there’re some effects that might change it
  • Will there be orc armies and goblin warg riders?
    We don’t have much of this types among the enemies. There might be some among cultists.
  • Is there still no information on modding?
    There’s no concrete information but we’re doing some internal discussions about that
  • Follow-up question to Evil Crusades: Can they EAT the enemies they enslave?
  • Will we have a ghost-like unit like from HoMM2?
    While we consider it fun, we probably won’t do it.
  • Can character directly help in tactical battles and vice versa?
    If you happen to progress in crusade, you’ll be able to find some things that’ll help your party. Depending on the mythic path you chose you’ll be able to do some things on global map that’ll affect the things on tactical map.
  • I honestly think the crusade mechanics where best with the first iteration. I hate how punishing and slow that section is?
    It’s still WIP. It’ll be less punishing in next iterations.
  • If you’re a Lich, will you be able to raise slain enemies / your own allies as extra cannon fodder in the form of skeletons, zombies and the likes?
    You’ll be able to use some skeletons in your army but we don’t think other ppl will like fighting with undead creatures on their side.
    Moral System. Basically like in HoMM. If your units have high morale (either base or leader amplified), you get additional turns for this units and vice versa
  • Will you get to singlehandedly charge an enemy army by yourself shouting “LEEROY JENKINS!”?
    Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do everything by yourself and you’ll need an army for that.
  • Will we be able to use companions for army generals?
    No, but you’ll be able to hire generals (who’ll level up and get some skills). You’ll be able to use companions as advisors
  • Do you know how long the game will be?
    PKM turned out to be longer than we intended it to be so now we’re trying to be more precise. But we’re trying to make it more repayable with different Mythic Paths
  • Will winter witch be in beta?
  • Do you know if Timestop or Wish spells be implemented?
    No. We consider them too vague for a PC game.
  • Is there any plans to make tutorials for new players for Pathfinder system?
    Yes. We knew Kingmaker was kinda overwhelming so we have a dedicated person who builds a tutorial system now. We also hope we’ll make some YouTube guides.
  • Will there be firearms in the game?
    No, we don’t think so.
  • Will you be able to sell financials or materials for gold?
    Not directly.
  • Will there be any way to import the PKM save to influence WoTR?
    No but there’ll be some cameos and Easter Eggs
  • Will you keep sneak attack mechanics the same as PKM?
    It’ll probably stay the same
  • Question about Crusades AND items: will we be able to equip our units with new, improved weapons and will there be any uniquely named ones available for these units?
    There might be some events and decisions but not directly that upgrade your units equipment.
  • Will there be different mounts or only horses? I would love to ride a lion?
    There will be different mounts however they’ll be partially restricted by class and race (No korgi’s for halflings though). But there will be dinosaurs and mammoth.
  • Will you be able to hire powerful creatures (like dragons and outsiders)?
    Your mythic’ll have impact on your crusade, like undeads in lich path and something else on other paths.
  • Will there be chariots?
    Sadly, no
  • Will there be a mythic specific generals, like some lich sorcerer with animated dead spell or so?
    Not in this way but there will be some things in some mythics that will affect your generals as well
  • Question about Crusades: will non-magical classes like Fighters and Barbarians have any spell-like abilities to enhance units with such as warcries or rallies?
    We don’t want to do too many active abilities for units (as it’s more of the general’s role) but there’ll be some.
  • To clarify my question: I was asking about army leaders that are a non-magical class. Sorry!
    Every leader will have some “Rituals”. If you have a non-magical class, like a fighter he’ll have abilities like “army formation” (defensive stance) and he’ll be able to use a warcry abilities but your units will probably not have too many active abilities as we consider it too overwhelming.
  • Do you plan to make anything else besides WoTR?
    Yes, but we’re working on WoTR now.
  • Will you be able to choose a weapon type while making an item from artifacts?
    To some degree, yes. You’ll be able to choose a type of item you’ll have but you’ll select from a limited list.
  • Will you be able to make melee oriented Lich?
    You can make a melee-oriented lich. But in the grand scheme of things some classes might benefit better from certain mythic paths.
  • Will there be a mention of some “canon” ending from PKM?
    No, only some cameos.
  • Crusades Question: Will we be able to capture Demons and force them to battle other demons in crusades battles like Pokemon?
    No, we afraid not. But you’ll have an opportunity to be make use of being evil crusader.
  • Question about Crusades: will we be able to trade our items (that the PC gets) for resources?
    You won’t be able to do it right away but you’ll have some crusade projects that’ll do it.
  • Kingmaker pretty much ended at character level 17, will Wrath get the character to level 20?
    It will depend on some things (like shared experience). Our goal as designers for you to finish game at lvl 19, but we have planned a higher end baseline level.
  • Question about Crusades: will there be army leader abilities or spells that create or remove obstacles? (during tactical combat)
    We’re planning to do something like that
  • Will there be a generals from new classes, like witches, shamans, etc? Hex casting witch general with fortune, ward, cackle and more hexes?
    For now we stick with some more base general classes like magician and fighter
  • Will there be flying units in tactical mode?
    Yes and they’ll be able to fly over obstacles.
  • Item Question: Will the Intelligent Item have a set item type? or will it change to fit your character?
    We’re planning it to shapeshift to complement the character.
  • I would like to know if there will be a chance to reforge a specific unique or magic weapon to another weapon type…like Greataxe to Greatsword etc. There is always an issue to select weapon focus early but the weapon type is not in the game?
    No, atm we’re not planning to add a reforge system but we’ll try to cover all type of weapons.
  • So, will you see enemy armies on the map like in HoMM? If so, will they move?
    Most of the enemy armies won’t move but some will move to your territory. And you’ll see it on that map.
  • Will there be a time sensitive main quest in Wrath or is it more chill?
    On the one hand it’ll be more chill but our storytellers try to put some pressure on the player.
  • I the game will be the epic Good vs Evil battle as the original or you’ll have some neutral paths as well?
    Yes (also, each mythic path will have some music theme)
  • Question about items. Will there be legendary items, such as Radiance? And if there is, will they have the option of Upgradable?
  • Question about Crusades: Will classes with affinity for nature be able to add animals to their army such as wolves, bears and other creatures that would help a druid or a ranger out?
    There’ll be some units that’ll be summoning stuff.
  • Will you be able to order an item with exact stats? (basically like crafting)
    No, but we’ll try to cover all items
  • Q about Crusades: Are you going to hire units like in HoMM? How do you make your army larger?
    You can hire some units and you can train some units with the buildings you build. You can also hire some units from the outside help
  • Will animal companions have their portraits near their master portrait in main UI?
    We’re addressing that
  • Will our army units be changed visually after upgrades?
    To some degree, yes.
  • Will there be artisans in the game? like in pathfinder kingmaker?
    No, but it’ll be replaced by the more flexible system.
  • Item Question: Will you be able to equip normal items on the animal companions? or will you need special animal armor and items?"
    You’ll need some special armors but maybe some rings and amulets might be equitable.
  • Question about Crusades: Will our unit recruitment choices reflect our camp structure as well? To expand on this * in Kingmaker your alignment decided your capital’s visuals, will hiring a lot of, say, wizards add stuff like alchemy tables to your camp? Or hiring archers would add the archery bales? I know it’s a mixed question but I am just curious if you thought about it
    There’ll be some capital visuals changed depending on the Mythic paths. As for the warcamp * probably, no.
  • Mechanics Q: How is riding animals going to work? Do you have a new action? Are you going to control them independently while mounted (e.g., use AC’s abilities like Overrun)?
    If you’re riding an animal you’re merging into the one “superbeing”. But it’s to InanKy to answer (and he’s not present)
  • Crusade question! (it’s not, but I wanted to hear him say “yay!”) Will any items which may or may not allow you to summon dinosaurs, be useable in crusade mode?
  • Any chance to be hire or get more vendors to war camp? With quests or random encounters?
    There’ll be some story and random encounter vendors but you’ll not be able to hire them
  • WIll there be weather penalties or bonuses?
    We wanted to do it but probably not in the base game
  • Question about Wolljif * Can we sell him loot in the field, or only in the city?
    Only in the “city”
  • Q about Crusades: Is there going to be a fog of war kind of system?
    No, you’ll see all of the map.
  • Will paladins get their mount?
  • How many new gods will be added?
    There gonna be some, but not too many.
  • Question about Crusades: What kind of rituals will there be and will they be split between non-combat (for example a create water spell) and combat rituals?
    All the rituals your army leaders use are in-combat. For the global map rituals * they’re for the MC to be done and they’re related to the mythic path to a degree.
  • Will there be a beta-version for early-access, or should I still buy the alpha-version?
    We’re at Alpha2 and the Beta is planned for January/February. Alpha and beta are sold separately.
  • Question about Crusades: How will the combat work * more specifically I would like to know if units fighting in melee range would strike each other at the same time (Heroes 4 style of counterattack), one after another (Heroes 5 style of counterattack) or not at all (no counterattacks)
    By default there won’t be any counterattacks. But some units and leader abilities will allow that.
  • Will the beta be under NDA?
    Near 100% we’ll allow sharing content from beta (maybe with some limitations).
  • Crusades Question: Will there be attacks of Opportunity in Crusade mode?
  • Questions about items: Will there be a Golden Tablet item that reduces your perception check rolls but increases your knowledge check rolls?
    We’ll think about it. (In-stream meta question)
  • Crusade question: will you be able to divide your units? For example to place single unit melee squads around your ranged squads to protect them?
    There’ll be some management but we don’t think you’ll be able to do it at the start of the combat (it’s being discussed).
  • Crusades Question: Will spearmen attack to 2 square like HoMM4?
    No, in WoTR they’ll have a different ability.
  • Question about Crusades: will there be any units centered around prestige classes such as Tower Shield Specialists or Mystic Theurges?
    There’ll be some units based on prestige classes (probably of the higher rank)
  • Crusade Question! Will we be able to fly in crusade mode?
    No. But there’ll be flying units.
  • Will we meet a technic league in Wrath? Will we have a cyborg army?
    Nothing big is planned.
  • Will we be able to make a paladin of the of Sacred Shield order or Shield Cavalier?
    We don’t have a paladin’s archetype of Sacred Shield.
  • Crusade Question: those items acquired via crusade army, is there chance, that they have to be transported back to the camp, the “teleportation” seems to be odd here… and would there be a chance that demons try to recapture them while transported by army
    While it sounds like a cool mechanics, it’ll probably not be implemented
  • Mechanics Q: On that note, what kind of fast travel will we have? KM was so much more user-friendly once we had teleportation circles.
    No promises. We’re discussing it.
  • Question about Crusade: Will the enemy armies be able to ambush us and get a surprise round this way?
    Most of the time you’re attacking and you’ll have some abilities that gonna help you in the first round.
  • Q about Crusades: How will resources work? Will we capture things that give resources like in HoMM?
    You’ll be able to maintain and build your economy by constructing new buildings. You’ll have some income. Also, by killing enemy armies you’ll get some loot and capture points of interest that’ll provide a resource for you.
  • Question about items: any easter eggs you’ve implemented so far? For example a description of an item saying that the one who made was always blamed for everything
    Not yet, we’re working on the core items first.
  • Are you planning to make a trailer/teaser (or smth like that) dedicated to the tactical battles any time soon?
    Not yet.
  • Will any new weapon types be added?
  • Will there be special weapons for dual wielding?
    There’ll be some sets of items that help dual wielding
  • Question about items: Will there be any more belt item Pets like Ember and Headchomper?
  • Will you be able to use magic on the global map like Vision/View Air in HoMM
    Yes, there’ll be some magic usable on global map.
  • How do you choose which archetype makes it into game?
    We consider 1) It makes sense in PC game; 2) Can we implement it? (software & resources limitations).
  • How many companions can you recruit in the game?
  • Question about Crusades: how many resources types do you have implemented so far and how many do you plan to add?
    Finances, Resources, Favors
  • How many additional classes & archetypes will be in game comparing to PKM?
    We’ve added 3 archetypes per class, added new classes and an additional archetype per race.
  • What about bloodlines and subschools?
    Not atm but there might be some planned
  • Antipaladin?
    We didn’t consider it to be good for fighting against demons.
  • Stargazer prestige class?
    Not planned atm.
  • How many factions will be in game?
    There’ll be some events that require you to choose the side but there won’t be some global faction system.
  • Question about items: a lot of unique items in RPGs tend to be done on a good-evil axis. Any items that are on the law-chaos axis like axiomatic swords or chaotic axes? Any items that care about the neutral axis of the alignment specifically?
    There definitely will be some items that are based on law-chaos axis and we’re thinking on adding more items with alignment restriction in game.
  • Item Question. Will Use Magic Device allow us to bypass class and race restrictions on items like it does on Tabletop?
    We’re not sure
  • Question about Crusades: how impactful will our decisions be on our armies? For example can our army turn cannibalistic if we’re evil enough?
    Your decisions will have an impact on your army.
  • Will the intelligent weapon have an ego mechanic and if so, what alignment will the weapon have?
    We haven’t implemented it yet.
  • Question about Crusades: Will our decisions lock us out of certain units while allowing different ones?
    There’ll be some items you’ll be able to get anyways but you’ll often have to choose.
  • Will building be different than in kingmaker?
    There’ll be new buildings but the building mechanics will roughly be the same

Thanks a lot :sparkling_heart:

So the beta starts january/february.
Are there any updates planned for the alpha until then?

Excellent summary.
You’re the man (or woman)!

Will there be different mounts or only horses? I would love to ride a lion?
It mostly depends on classes and races. We’ll definitely have dinos.

Thats the plural of dino, which means more than 1 dino will be added !
I hope they looked at my dino poll(s) for deciding which dinos to add …